Tarapur - New 50 MLD CETP with benefit these listed stocks

Tarapur has been a red zone for pollution. With so many companies, a 50 MLD CETP was to be set up for letting them dispose off their sludge. This 50 MLD CETP has been long delayed. Meanwhile companies have been accused of flouting norms, producing more than permitted capacity. Fines were imposed, which were disputed. The matter reached the The Hon’ble Supreme Court and the Hon’ble National Green Tribunal. The details of the case are too many for me to go into here.

The latest development is that the fines has been revised (downward in most cases) and a fresh report given to the Hon’ble National Green Tribunal. It seems this matter will soon be resolved and the 50 MLD CETP will be functional. This could take anywhere from a few months to a year or more. I’m estimating the time.

See the latest report:

Once this happens, all the companies which have had to cut their production because of lack of CETP facilities will have relief. The smaller companies especially will significantly benefit because some of them have a plant or plants only at Tarapur.

Here’s a list of companies which may benefit along with their market cap. I will do individual research into specific companies and update this thread gradually. This is a list of companies listed on BSE (with their market cap) which will use the CETP when available:

1 Aarey Drugs & Pharmaceuticals ltd, 90 crores
2 Aarti Drugs Ltd 5729 crores
3 AnuhPharmaChem 615 crores
4 AuroLaboratries Ltd 77 crores
5 Bajaj Health Care Ltd 1215 crores
6 Daikaffil Chemicals India Ltd 22 crores
7 E-Land Fashion (Mudra Life Style), D-1, MIDC, 20 crores
8 Ganesh Benzoplast 463 crores
9 Gini Silk Mills Ltd 28 crores
10 Indo Amines Ltd 765 crores
11 JSW Steel Coated product Ltd (JSW Steel Ltd) 179768 crores
12 M/s. IPCA Laboratories 31694 crores
13 M/s. Pentagon Drugs Ltd 29 crores
14 M/s. Vividh Global Inds 15 crores
15 Resonance Speciality Ltd. T-140, MIDC, 196
16 Sequent Scientific Ltd 6010 crores
17 Siyaram Silk Mills 1755 crores
18 Valiant organics Ltd 3687 crores


I think Vipul organics also located in Tarapur

Tarapur MIDC has zones divided as chemical, and others for different kind of factory setups.

Is this 50 MLD CETP set as a blanket limit provision on all or specific to some industries? I mean to ask will it benefit all companies you have mentioned above or be limited in help?

I have seen camlin, tata steel factories also there few years ago.