Tanmoy's Naive portfolio

Can we get a lot of criticism on my portfolio so that i can make it better.

Investing every month 7000 in this portfolio.
5000 in direct stocks & 1000 SIP in two mutual funds.
Have 30000 in liquid emergency fund.

Goal: To build a retirement nest egg. ( now i am 26 years old )

Quantum Long-Term Equity Fund (G) 8.26
PPFAS Long Term Value Fund - Direct Plan (G) 0.53
Suven Life Sci 23.38
Avanti Feeds 13.49
Ipca Labs 10.28
Persistent 8.80
Granules India 7.38
MT Educare 6.11
Adi Finechem 5.50
MPS 4.32
Atul Auto 3.59
Chaman Lal Seti 3.09
AksharChem 2.64
L&T Finance 1.40
Mahindra Holida 0.85
Supreme Ind 0.50

Any suggestions will be welcome.

As far as I know, u may hold on to avanti,suven,ipca,atul for a long… long… time. get rid of L&T fin

Any stocks by which L&T fin can be replaced?
My portfolio has no banking exposure without it.

why do you say to get rid of l&t fin. Will it not be a good long term bet?

It has barely given any return in the last two years. Fundamentally not so good… U may replace it with any private sector bank

Agreed, it has barely given any returns. but maybe this is due for re-rating. which might come after stake sale(rumoured since last few months). It is very difficult to find companies which have impeccable management. which this company has. How do you say it is not fundamentally not good?