Systems based u.s trading portfolio

Starting my u.s portfolio thread

Stocks selected are based on technical patterns with strong fundamentals
I have large percentage of my capital in Indian equity but the liquidity and ease of trading offered by u.s markets cannot be compared to any other markets I have traded

U.s markets are also sold off and some technology stocks are down 90% so it’s a good opportunity to get on them as the interest rate rise and the Ukraine war both might be priced in.
The rally from here might be strong

Anyway I also want to put down here ways to go about opening and funding the account if anyone is interested

To open account I found interactive brokers are best brokers for opening account from india: if you open via my link you get some IBKR shares. I opened through a referral and I have their shares which are locked for a year until you can sell them. They gave me 200 usd in shares

The best way to send money to ibkr is using transfer wise. Also now known just as wise. I think it was started by ex PayPal employees. The exchange rate you get there can’t be matched. Again use referral for first fee free transfer

For research I used docoh which currently is free

shares I hold

ticker:car (Avis budget): Their quarter profit were good and a economy is opening up gradually, more people would take holidays. The pent up demand will drive revenue. Secondly on my recent visit to Europe I found the small operators where significantly fewer. Probably pandemic forced them to shut shops. As unfortunate as that sounds I think the remaining car hire companies will step in to capture revenue atleast for the initial few quarters. My holdings are not very long term.

Ticker:amph (amphastar pharma): amph makes generics and have recently expanded. Latest Quarter profit has been good. The u.s government before the pandemic have been stringent on overseas pharma companies. However this was also Trump era. During pandemic they softened a bit as they needed critical supplies. Once pandemic settles they probably will again be back to rigorous checks as well as most generics that used to come from China would now have a difficult acceptance due to covid anti Chinese sentiments.

Ticker:hdsn (hudson tech) hdsn helps in reducing carbon footprint. They do this by capturing aircon gases. Again I like the sector and this company has shown profitability during last 2 quarters.

My exposure is equal in all three
For each companies you can check on docoh, on what they do. Their activity is captured in more detail than I can explain

Ps: please note usual disclaimer
Not sebi registered and any of my posts should not be construed as financial advice

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Also bought upst today
Beautiful stock, they do credit referencing for banks using non traditional methods
Revenue has been growing and stock is breakout beaten down

Slightly off topic but is Docoh the US equivalent of our ?