Swaraj Automotives - Hidden Gem or Overrated?

I’m looking for some stocks with lesser liquidity (So no big MF houses own them) but have a good potential to grow.


One of these would be - Swaraj Automotives. I’m a bit new to this domain, so need expert advice if someone has looked on this.

What looks attractive -:
Debt Free Company.
Consistent Growth in terms of Sales and Profits.
Huge Promoter Holding.

Issues -:
All promoter holding is pledged.

Hi Rishi

Kindly outline your thesis with supporting qualitative and quantitative inputs. Ideally one should have business reasons for looking at a stock. I request you to dig further and create a workable story before starting a thread.

The company neither has consistent growth in sales or earnings.

Very low liquidity and high promoter pledge is a recipe for disaster unless backed by a solid business case.

Since you are on VP now i request you to adhere to its strict quality standards before starting a thread. Please dont take this in the wrong sense. We are all jointly responsible for maintaining quality.



Sure, thanks for correcting. I’ll close this discussion. This was my first post, not very sure how much details I needed to put. Will try to research a bit more, before posting.

Hi Rishi

Dont close the discussion. Why dont you write a small stock story? Good or bad. It doesnt matter. Take swaraj auto as a case. Since VP is a collabrative platform , they will expand on the story. Either ways, we will all learn a lot. The incremental return on incremental posts is very high here in anycase!


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Rishi, please put up short write up as Bheeshma has pointed within next couple of days. If you are not in a position to do so, then this thread will be closed.

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