Sukhjit Starch and Chemical Ltd

A proxy play in FMCG and expected increasing consumption.

Sukhjit Starch and Chemicals :-
A very good company for long term investment - Please look at its numbers and ratios.

From the company website-
Sukhjit was born in the year 1943, Two discerning young enterpreneurs having spotted the immense potential of the wonder grain “MAIZE”, decided to set up a Corn Wet Milling Facility. After due diligence, they chose to set up the plant in a small town-ship called Phagwara in the state of “Punjab & East Punjab Union” also known as the Granary of India. thus giving Birth to … “The Sukhjit Starch & Chemicals Ltd.”

Sukhjit has since grown by judicious and innovative utilisation of its unique traditions to meet the challenge of the future, from a modest begining of 1800 TPA Corn Grind in 1943 to over 200,000 TPA of Corn Grind spread across Four manufacturing Locaions within India and is in the pocess of expanding capacities to breach the 300,000 TPA corn Grind mark by the end of 2009. Sukhjit is a leader in its field and always at the forefront amongst its peers.

Market Cap.: ₹ 182.54 Cr.
Current Price: ₹ 247.35
Book Value: ₹ 303.07
Stock P/E: 7.92
Dividend Yield: 2.02%
Face Value: ₹ 10.00
Listed on BSE
52 Week High/Low: ₹ 280.00 / ₹ 217.50
PEG Ratio: 0.76
Return on equity 5years growth: 0.53%
Return on equity: 12.27%
Debt: ₹ 165.02 Cr.
Debt to equity: 0.82
ROCE3yr avg: 14.92%
Profit growth: -0.65%
Price to Cash Flow: 2.92
OPM: 11.10%
Price to Free Cash Flow: 15.52
Promoter holding: 60.67%
Unpledged promoter holding: 60.67%
Investments: ₹ 14.04 Cr.
Return on capital employed: 15.18%
EPS: ₹ 31.23
Dividend yield: 2.02%
Graham Number: ₹ 461.48
Enterprise Value: ₹ 326.93
Intrinsic Value: ₹ 381.99
Price to Sales: 0.32
Industry PE: 0.00
Industry PBV: 0.00
EPS last year: ₹ 31.44
Expected quarterly EPS: ₹ 11.83 (copied from screener dot in)

Stock is trading way below its Graham No, Book value and Intrinsic value.

Disclaimer - Not invested yet, may create a small position here in coming days.

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