Suggestions on Screener module

Following suggestions are primarily around the usability of the Screener module:

1). Clicking on the link of a particular screen shows the details of the screener logic with multiple filter steps and their corresponding expressions. Currently the expressions are in the form of abbreviated form. Is there a way to provide tooltip providing descriptive text for the particular expression. e.g. TTMEPS*HistP2E_LFY)/Price_LFD>1.5 expression is hard to read and interpret for a newbiew user. Since LHS of the expression would always be constant, it might help to provide descriptive tooltip or the expanded form of each of the expression items e.g. explaining TTMEPS, HistP2E_LFY, Price_LFD

2). Its not that intuitive for a user to click on Execute tab to get the results of a particular screener. Can the trigger of the results screen be a button on the View Screener screen. e.g. Once the user reads the screener description, understands the criteria involved, now clicks on say Run Screener button which brings up the result screen. I found it difficult to figure out the Execute during the first look at the screen.

3.In case a screener logic has more than 10 steps, the results screen introduces a horizontal screen. Can this be controlled considering that most of the cell values are numeric and not exceeding 5 characters? The idea is not to introduce horizontal scroll.

4). Also in such cases, i need to scroll to the extreme right to find the Download CSV link. Can it be moved to the left?

5). In order to run my own criteria for any of the screener, i need to go through multiple clicks to arrive at the Edit tab. Again can there be a link directly on the Results screen through which i can go to the Edit screen to start using my own parameters in the expression criteria.

6). BTW i love the power that a user has on the Edit Screener screens. This is a tool for power users.

7). On the Results screen, it would be great to see the Companies list first. The reason being i have already studied the filter criteria in the View screen and want to view the results. I need to scroll down to get to the actual results. May be the Steps could be a collapsible widget in this screen.

8). Results screen: Column headers should display tooltip explaining the metrics in descriptive text. e.g. IndMedD2E_LFY is hard for me to understand.

More later…

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Hi swami_srd,

Thanks for the feedback. Some of these will be incorporated soon.


Hi swami_srd,

Thanks for the detailed feedback. Very valuable suggestions. Many of these relate to usability and user experience - are we glad to have someone like you among the early adopters:)

Keep them coming in. As we collate more such inputs, we will keep you posted.