Suggestions on building dashboard for Growth stock picks

I am following the methodology popularized by William O’Neil, Mark Minervini , David Ryan which is CANSLIM(or some extension of it). The core of strategy is to look for price action template coupled with 3 fundamental ratios’ growth (Revenue, Earnings and Margins which are collectively called 3Ds) to invest in best possible growth companies.For Price action + Chart template I have created scanners in which I check daily for interesting chart patterns. Now for fundamental side, I need valuable input from members. To get a view of shortlisted/watchlist/already bought candidates, currently I am using google sheets with googlefinance api+custom scripts to list their 3D ratios, but it is an ineffective way for following reasons:

  1. Google sheets are very slow in their execution as my scripts contain many importXML calls which slows the results…

  2. Any small changes in cells trigger execution for whole sections, hence not optimized/desired solution.

  3. I want to see and compare competitor financial ratios in single view to better analyze the picks rather than only single stock.

  4. It will be additional benefits, but need to include other price parameters/insights like relative strength, industry strength, promoter holding trend etc. in single view

.For above use case I want to build a dashboard which will be an open project and I will love to keep the source code open and the tool available to our members. I need the technology suggestions on how shall I proceed to build this Dashboard, from where can I source free of cost financial data/API and anything more we can add into it. looking forward for insightful suggestions. Thank you.


I am also making something that can use python scripts to make my own data and also use google sheets as a platform to store the data.

So for whole data points python, there are many free packages and one channel name learn at your desk there you can find easily how these API works and some key data points to take data.

I will say the best visualization tool will be to use tableau it can freely be available as a public dashboard for good visualization and can help in that have some experience in using that.

Personally, have managed the same google sheet as you did but to just managed my own portfolio and have some key parameters and use better analysis with tableau to see my portfolio changes.

I am currently doing a telegram bot+python script+ google sheet integration to manage my portfolio for me using telegram to take out data is better than opening google sheet for everything.

Will love to do a project that you are doing and will like to also contribute actively and help make a better free and easy solution.

Also if possible we can also connect to do a project and share our own knowledge.

Hi Naman, Thanks for the reply. Would love to connect and discuss more. Please let me know how can I reach out to you. Thanks!

@Akash_Agrawal, @Jay_shankarpure, @m1hirk Appreciate your inputs on above. Thanks in advance.

This looks like an interesting strategy. Hope you implement it soon.

feeling current environment may not be suitable for this strategy…hence not putting much work into it