Stylam- Decent Fundamentals with Cheap Valuation

Feel they need to devise a strategy to establish a brand for the domestic mkt. Don’t think they have found much success yet, only once that happens i think mkt will give it a premium valuation.
Good part is they’re net debt zero now, new capex to come onstream by H2FY25.

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Japanese laminates major Aica Kogyo looks to pick stake in Stylam Industries. This news has lead to increase in share price recently. Any views for the purchase?

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@rupaniamit since you track US real estate market closely (my assumption based on your work on Pokarna)

How do you see below product will impact Pokarna / Acrysil ?


Note : This is a slide from Equirus - Stylam latest report.

  1. From the report I can see they make laminates for external cladding as well

About 7 years ago there was major incident in London
Government passed a law to replace all cladding (non fire resistant ) for all the apartments, there is some funding also allotted by the government. At this moment one cannot sell a property if the flat has cladding . If you have any insights about this subject please share your thoughts.


Many Thanks