Strange world this… Currency Changes against USD

Strange world this…
Currency Changes against USD
1yr 5yr
Ruble(Russia) -47% -55.6%
Real (Brazil) -35% -49.8%
India -8% -29.6%
China -3.7% +6.3
Lira (Turkey) -25% -48%
Yen -16.3% -30%
Euro -15% -10%

  1. Do we remember which country caused the financial crisis in 2008? And how much currency this country printed since then?
  2. The world is blaming China for devaluing its currency!
  3. INR is stable against Yen
  4. People say stock markets are wobbly because of currencies. What is impacting currency movements? Need to do some “root cause analysis” here.
  5. We have historically low interest rates in US. Which has led to high asset prices (equity, bonds, real estate) around the world.
  6. What will happen when the interest rates start rising? First will be crash in bond markets, where most of the public/pension money is invested!
  7. Only way out seems to me to buy distressed assets (mainly equity and real estate) if and when we can find them (taking advantage of the currency movements, if one can).
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