Stocks with Temporary Headwinds

I started this thread to understand stocks that will go through temporary setback because of new developments in company, policy changes from government, changing public taste for products/services, increase in raw material prices or an X factor affecting the company’s performance.

Hope the investing community will educate us with daily happenings that will affect business performance of company, which will be either growth or degrowth.


Great idea, this can eventually lead us to discover names which are going through short term headwinds but still well placed for long term success


Page Industries looks like a good candidate for this. Going through a sales downturn due to Auto Replenishment System implementation, and it can go up again once that is done


Thanks Abhishek. Heard the term Auto replenishment system for the 1st time.

As I come to know from the video, it’s a new initiative from any company to manage inventory system and will benefit the company after 1-2 quarters of pain.

As a future reference to our discussion, the chart of page ind

Carysil, due to their SAP implementation?

Yes…The company is guiding strong growth momentum and retains the guidance for FY25E despite the headwinds.

The SAP software will help Carysil to automate many of its manual processes, which will free up employees to focus on more value-added tasks. This will lead to faster processing of orders, improved inventory management, and better customer service.

More reference on SAP implementation on Google bard link here :-

For future chart reference of Carysil

Systematic Report on Carysil


kotak mahindra bank is not performing due to management change. once it delivery next two Q results as per expectation then it will bounce back.

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Define “Uday Kotak” premium for Kotak Mahindra Bank?

Loan Book-315,000cr
Price-Rs 1710
Valuation-5x P/Bx

Loan Book-425,000cr
Price-Rs 1780
Valuation-3x P/Bx

Loan Book increased
Profits increased
But the valuation saw a de-rating

The market was correcting the “Uday Kotak” premium for the bank.

Source : Adityad_Shah

Stock is not going anywhere.

I think it will be the result under the new leadership that will be the next trigger.

Decrease in public holding shows, FII/DII sess some value in the stock.

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Promoters have high stake of 88% holding. Promoters offloading stake in “Shyam Metalics and Energy”, is it an opportunity?

Could not see a post on Shyam Metalics in Valuepickr.

Price chart at 450 now, 3% down.

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Whole agro-chemical space has been facing macro headwinds due to excess production and supply by China at very cheap rates. I believe the sector will be sideways for at least two quarters.

UPL, Sharda Cropchem and Sumitomo to watch out for.

Not invested but plan to.


Hi everybody,
I think Biocon is a company going through temporary headwinds and has a good chance that it will come out stronger after this phase of consolidation.
Biocon has 3 business arms: syngene ( research and CDMO) , biocon biologics ( biologics) and generics
It owns 54% of syngene ( which is doing phenomenally well) and it has the same mCap as biocon…( talk about margin of safety)
Biocon biologics is proabably going to be listed in the next 2 years and is growing at 30% and has a good runway in the biologic space.By conservative estimates of private placement to serum india kotak group this part is probably valued at 15000 crores( 48% of current mcap of biocon)
The generic business is trundling along
The.present downturn is due to the ambitious take over of the biologics division of viatris and the resultant debt . However it will allow them to market directly to customers in the US .
Please share your thoughts