StockEdge-MobileApp for research on the go

I would like to present StockEdge, our mobile application for research on stock markets. It helps in analyzing data from markets for both traders and investors and most importantly everything can be done on your mobile itself. The advantage of the tool is the availability of analytics in most user friendly framework and also the ability to explore new investment and trading ideas. I am a part of the team which has developed this application and I would like to present this here so that fellow value investors and members of the trading fraternity can help in giving feedback and suggestions so that we could improve and make our work more efficient. The application is available on both, iOS and Android platforms. I have shown some of the various features available on the app for users.

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Fantastic app. I love the UI / UX, useful and relevant data. Is there a way an ‘estimated earnings up’ data can be added? ICICI Direct has that information. And perhaps a poll on good, solid fundamental ideas that gives a weight on how a stock could fare in future. Congratulations and great initiative, Sir.

Brilliant app! Kudos for your efforts. I like that all information which other wise I have to search at different places, now can get at one place. Like delivery percentages, block deals and insider deals, moving averages and analysis, scrip related news, etc. I enjoyed exploring the app. Definitely worthwhile.

Fantastic. I happened to have downloaded this yesterday and quite liking it. Kudos

Man seriously this is one of the best app for tracking Indian equities…
Multiple watchlist, investors groups, best thing is fundamental financial data in both consolidated and standalone at a quarter, half year and annual for last 5 periods. Also gives daily deals and news feeds…Amazing app with good interface.

If you are able to a screener as part of this with alerts…It will be mindblowing

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Good app… Just downloaded … Nice user interface :+1:

This is a very good app. Love the UX and the wide variety of information available. I primarily use the laptop for research so would love a web version if possible. A high-res big screen always makes it easier to read numbers. Any plans for a web version?

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Investors can try this site as well as app also… found useful…


Fantastic app… I would like to have portfolio tracking option in this app, where I can add my stocks with my holding price. Once we have portfolio we can also apply analysis on the current holdings and provide suggestions for restructuring the portfolio. This would add more values to the app. Keep the good work…

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I have tried and uninstalled it sometime ago. Watchlist and Portfolio tracking leave a lot to be desired. Why do I have to login every other day to view my watchlist? Why can’t the app remember me forever?

Portfolio tracking isn’t good enough. Take a look at how sophisticated valueresearchonline portfolio tracking is.

Notification alerts for watchlist / portfolio would be great.

Thanks for the feedback Sumeet. Earnings estimate data is currently not under working as it requires a different platform with us not being a brokerage house. We are working on a way to make it more interactive among the existing users and a poll with some other ideas are also under consideration

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A portfolio tracker and screener are under construction mode and will be out very soon

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“Knowledge on the move is the message”. I am using this App and has found very user friendly app for tracking your portfolio alongwith all other features such as daily FII buy/ sell figures, sectorwise tracking / comparative analysis of all companies, Moving Averages and all other technical tools which automatically analysies.
What else is needed even Tutorials have been provided.
Definitly Fantastic.

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Good app… I have been using it for four months to check each and every stock I come across…satisfied…

Great App.
I have one request, can you please add equity dilution trend for a company. in last 10 years outstanding shares trend. this is good indication for technical analysis

Nice app

But I am unable to search few name of ace investors like , dolly Khanna ( name is visible but no holding available under same name) , lucky securities.

Also unable to find company networth, debt , other investments.

Hi, Holdings of all investors are visible under the column holdings when you visit the page of any investor. It is divided in two sections: deals and shareholdings.

Also net worth, debt and all other financial details for companies are present in relevant fundamental sections for companies.


Would you consider adding the App to F-Droid all market as well? Not using Google ecosystem, that’s why.

Hi, Sorry but that isn’t under consideration right now. We are only present on iOS and android as of now.

FDroid is an android app store. I was just asking if there is a way to install android app without using Play Store.