Stock selection screeners - Input needed

Hello Guru’s

I am looking for some stock selection criteria to identify growth and value stocks for really long term. Based on my limited knowledge and use of Google, I identified few parameters. Thought these parameter may/may not work in all stocks, however it may give you some idea on the potential stocks based on the past performance. Could you please verify these parameters and provide your expert comments.


While what you have chosen as screening parameters are really good. However I am quite sure that there would not be a single stock which will meet all of them. What parameters you choose depend on your investing style. For e.g. if you follow Mr Lynch, he will say number 20 should be as low as possible, as then you have discovered some thing which market is yet to discover. More over almost all of them depend on industry, some industries are inherently low margin while others are high. Ideally stocks should be considered in broader context that context may be company vs its past or company vs its peers.

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Hi Pawan,

While you have chosen right parameters, I think they are too stringent, only a few companies will be found and there is a chance of missing good companies.

I had written an article on stock screener parameters . You can read it here
Hope this helps.


Hey Sachin,

I echo your thoughts on the parameters.

I reviewed your post, it is simply amazing.

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