Stock analysis template can do with some additions

Going by the Mayur Uniquoters and Vinati stock analysis, this is a good template. My worry is the quality may get diluted over time? A lot depends on those doing the interpretation of the data. But definitely a job well done, so far!

The Template can do with some improvements to make it more comprehensive:

1). Comment on Management quality - is a must? in as much as is known, and can be inferred. I checked the PAT Dorsey stock analysis template you refer to, there are several things he suggests to qualify on Management quality.

2). Known Corporate Governance issues - again a must? from published accounts, preferably quoted/linked to.

will try to think thru for other additions.

Thanks Arindam. Corporate Governance and Management Quality are certainly valid suggestions and are being incorporated in the Template. Probably will be available from the next Update.

We will try to keep up the quality and live up to all your expectations.