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Hi All,

I am a Finance Professional with 15 years’ experience across various industries. I started with my investment journey 5-6 years back, however started seriously only recently as I decided to make this a full time career… My Portfolio is as below… and these stocks are subject to re-balancing.

Hope to receive feedback if any. I am still learning and some of the picks are experimental as I strongly believe you won’t learn something permanently without learning it in hard way (Means you must burn your hands first)

Open to questions

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Post the rationale behind choosing the stocks, so that members can reply. You can also check the threads which exist for the stocks in your PF.


Look at the threads posted my members sharing their PF, they give their rationale for choosing their picks. If you are starting off with VP, this is the way to do.

There are many PF threads, go through them, and you will see how discussions happen and go forward.

Stock Avg. cost Weightage % Rationale
TATASTEEL 133.73 5.15 Large Cap Share bought at the mid of Cycle for long term , holding for rise to exit
JIOFIN 246.91 3.72 Good Potential with Reliance backing and good track record of disrupting businesses in India
ASIANPAINT 3244 3.50 Large cap and strong fundamentals
SBICARD 787.43 6.22 Credit card penetration in India is very minimal now , with SBI’s PAN India presence and large customer base it has great potential and also they are tieing up with Reliance Jio Mart
INFY 1390.45 11.31 Fundamentally strong Large Cap - IT and AI stock
BATAINDIA 1874.95 1.22 Holding only 2 qtys will dispose once meet the target
UJJIVANSFB 57 1.56 Longterm Holding in the Small Finance segment, Currently penetration is low in Rural Areas
EIDPARRY 490.42 2.40 Large cap and strong fundamentals
BANKBEES 457.02 2.43 Banking indices for general investement
SBIN 580.6 4.51 PSU Bank - Large Cap with strong fundamentals
TCS 3402.93 5.30 Fundamentally strong Large Cap - IT and AI stock
JWL 315.98 1.83 Railway Infra - holding a few stocks after profit booking
INTLCONV 83.99 0.75 Conveyor belt business - Has potential for Mining - Coal , Lithium , Iron Ore
HINDUNILVR 2507.7 1.97 Large cap and strong fundamentals
NATIONALUM 107.6 0.15 Holding only 4 qtys will dispose once meet the target
ULTRACAB 19.99 0.06 Cables Business - Bought for educational purposes
COALINDIA 309.6 0.85 Large cap and strong fundamentals
AMDIND 59.55 0.03 Experiment
TEXRAIL 118.7 0.34 Railway Infra - holding a few stocks after profit booking
KITEX 187.95 0.80 Fundamentally strong - Good track record and Professional Management
IRFC 65.5 0.55 Railway Infra - holding a few stocks after profit booking
SUZLON 19.93 0.19 Renewable Energy - Holding very few qtys
SUNDARMHLD 126.68 3.10 Large cap and strong fundamentals - For dividend income
WONDERLA 796.95 1.05 Huge potential in India for theme parks - New site added recently
POWERGRID 191.44 2.64 Power Sector
GMRINFRA 43.04 0.71 Fundamentally strong - Good track record and Professional Management
KOTAKBANK 1695.95 10.29 Bank- Private Sector
IDBI 46.83 1.46 Bank- Private Sector
GRNLAMIND 490.4 4.26 Longterm Investment in construction
NIFTYBEES 191.95 5.01 NIFY -General Investment
TATAPOWER 183.97 2.17 Power Sector Investment
BEL 109.65 3.21 Defence Sector Investment
TATACONSUM 853.9 11.50 FMCG - Similar to HUL but a growing company

Hope this helps. These are my convictions based on which I continue my investing journey… I have been very cautious not to take too much risk.



Hi @Sankar Are you tracking Ultracab? Can you help me understanding these facts?

  1. I was checking it on screener and found that promoters decreased their ownership from 62% to 27% in last 6 months.
  2. At the same time company secretary also resigned within 9 months of joining.
    Is there any corporate governance issue in company?

@M_K_Srikanth I was holding this stock couple of months back and booked profits after wards I have not tracked this stock.
Just had a look at it today . Fundamentals are good for this company however the recent issue with Polycab have scared investors/promoters I guess. Ultracab had received large order in Nov 2023 from Sterling and Wilson Private Limited of around Rs 47.78 crore for supply of LT AB Cable. This supply project will be completed by Mar 2025 as per news reports.

Stake sale by promoters is nothing to be surprised about. Several promoters pared stake and booked part profits in 2023, as markets climbed new highs. But promoters need to disclose such trades, which is the missing link in Ultracab. Apart from this point I dont see any issue.

PS: I am not holding any Ultracab shares now.

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