Starting a New Thread: Please follow these guidelines

Every Member is encouraged to start a thread for discussion on a stock of his/her choice. There are no restrictions. But there are some caveats, as any Forum that prides itself on the Content/Quality of discussions, would.

Please make sure not to duplicate threads by searching first for the company/business to spot an already existing thread. A discussion must be started with an influencing piece. As the thread initiator, it is expected of you to have done some homework of your own - thinking through the Positives, Negatives, Risks on the stock idea, giving some details on why you think it may be a good idea to discuss this opportunity.

This simple measure will invite more participation from Members, and ensure that you achieve your objective - discussion/guidance/feedback/critique on your stock idea. A bland 2-3 lines - “what do you think of ABCD at current levels”, or “ABCD Target 123 in 6 months- year” are not the kind of discussion we want to encourage at ValuePickr.

ValuePickr prides itself on being a self-moderated Forum, almost. Hope we can continue this excellent culture.

The starting piece does not have to a big thesis - even 3-4 paras on the main Investment thesis covering positives, negatives, risks, and some interesting aspects is enough. If you are already invested in the stock, proper disclosure is encouraged - helps building your own credibility among members.A good example of a starting thread is as below.

Posted byHitesh Patelat October 02. 2012

JB Chemicals seems to be a good value pick.

current market cap of around 640 crores.

Company has cash and investments of around 550 crores and debt of around 70 crores.

Effectively company has cash and equivalents of 480 crores. (this i assume after calculating the special dividend paid to shareholders of around 40 rs per share.)

So one gets the company at effective price of 160 crores. This for a company which has presence in India, and a lot of other export markets.

June qtr revenues has been around 190 crores. Some rough extrapolation gives yearly sales figure of around 800 crores. Company is available at market cap to sales of 0.2 which seems very attractive.

Company last year sold off its OTC business in Russia and CIS countries for a net income of 760 crores. It paid special interim dividend of 338 crores and tax thereon of 55 crores.

Investment theme

Jb chemcials seems to be in deep undervaluation territory with company available at an enterprise value of 160 crores and market cap to sales ratio of 0.2.

Going through the fy 12 AR, management seems upbeat about the prospects of remaining parts of the business which mainly includes Indian operations and Rest of World exports.

Looks like a low risk high return kind of scenario for the patient investor bcos once the company gets its act together post selling the Russian-CIS OTC business, there could be a strong appetite for the stock even as a growth stock.

Interesting to note here that Ashish Dhawan (formerly of Cryscapital) has been consistently increasing his stake in this one over the past few quarters and currently holds around 10% stake.

disc: Initial entry into the stock at around 75 per share.


Posted byAdministratorat September 18. 2012

ValuePickr Forum is visited today both by novices and wannabe stock pickers, as well as verysophisticatedinvestors. Some of us have made the transition from novices, to learners, to stock pickers to now being reasonable capital allocators. To know the difference visitCapital Allocation thread.

Its our dream to create a natural vibrant eco-system of learners, individual investors, industry professionals and Institutional investors in an environment that nurtures value-addition and growth to ourselves individually and collectively for the community.

To nurture a vibrant community ValuePickr does not restrict anyone from starting a thread on a stock of his/her choice. Only Caveat isif you are going to introduce a discussion on a stock, we expect you to do your homework and start the thread with some basic info-set, and 1st level analysis such as growth drivers, a few positives & negatives, immediate triggers if any, and enumerate some RISKS. Nothing very heavy is required, but enough to set the tone for 2nd level of discussions.

Here’s an example of asimple stock idea initiation thread.

If you are a prolific contributor to ValuePickr stock discussions, and have initiated or recommended a stock at any point of time, Disclosuresof Holdings or None, Long/Short Views on the stockare mandatory, at these junctures

1.Initiation)- CMP, Disclosure of Holdings or None, Long/Short Views

2.Recommendation)- CMP,Disclosure of Holdings, Long/Short Views

3.Additional Purchases)- CMP, % added (compared to initial purchase)

4.Partial Exit)- CMP, % profit booking

5.Full Exit)- at what price, while exiting or immediately after

Initially, Moderators are responsible to follow-up and ensure compliance. Gradually, it should become second nature to us. And eventually we will be moving to a system where technology will help prompt compliance and its tracking.

This will help ensure complete transparency and build TRUST for the Stock recommender and for ValuePickr community. Most importantly it should help newbie investors and learners keep on top of developments and hopefully not get trapped!

We thought above should be enough for folks to understand what we DO NOT encourage at ValuePickr. Several members (bagger100, kumaresh and others) have been blocked recently for violating above guidelines by posting inappropriate messages as below:

Posted bybagger100at Saturday 11:57

i believe peter lynch style of making money to select high quality beaten down stock.

my five top pick in modi led NDA government

suzlon energy

PTC india finance

lanco infratech

era infra eng

punj loyld

Please note such activity is frowned upon by members and may lead to immediate bans.

Admin, this is a welcome message. Thank you for this. People are here to learn (like me amongst others). This website is about learning the nuances of stock picking. While doing so many people will also have the opportunity to make money. But as soon as the discussion start revolving around making money and not learning, the forum will start going to the dogs. I think it is better that such messages are not encouraged not just in new threads but also exisiting posts also. There are other forums for discussing price “targets” and short term movements. Again kudos for maintaining the sanctity of the forum.

is it possible that when a member tries to start a thread, a pop window detailing guidelines for starting a thread is displayed so that the member is aware of the guidelines prior posting the thread.


I have been going through threads related to guidelines at Valuepickr to come up with a proposed template to initiate a stock story.

Was wondering if we should remove the word ‘Recommendation’ from the above post in the light of SEBI guidelines etc.,. I understand though that the above post is an old one and posted before the SEBI guidelines were released.


Hello Sir, I am new to this forum and I have posted my first thread today. I had a small query that can I edit the original thread after posting, as I was not able to find any such option

At the bottom of the post, there is an edit button(pencil like symbol). Use that to edit the existing post.

I had started a new thread on RIL but it was closed. Can anyone please guide if there was any issue in it so I can correct it?