Spotting a Reverse merger - Shell(Holding company ) Merging with healthy profitable private company

We have seen recent examples of Waree (Sangam ) - Jupiter wagon - Westlife .

My question what changes or action do we see by listed entity before reverse merger one of them being disclosing consolidated result of unlisted and other being CEO of private being appointed for the Shell

Some indications are promoter of any big non individual investors loading up stock from open market and other entities. Board seat being allotted to the corporate investors management team. A good candidate in current market is Swadeshi Polytex. Look at their promoter entity they have many unlisted business.

My question is even after the merger reverse merger is announced, how do you find it on the news if company not in your watchlist?
I miss all these things!

Thanks for your reply Just had a look the scrip i can see promoter group loading up. I see similar Entity Stock Share Price | Get Quote | BSE . Can you share your thoughts .Recent announcement being consolidated results with the non listed entity and shifting Unlisted company CEO for Holding company

Same here anyone on board can help ?

What do you think of Stock Share Price | Get Quote | BSE

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