Souvik's Long Term Portfolio

Hello everyone,

I am a new investor in the stock market and i have started investing since last year.

My current portfolio looks like this

Asian paints- 12 stocks- Avg buying price- 2990

Reason for buying- Market leader and a consistent compounder. Trustworthy and reliable management. Demand for building materials will grow and they are also expanding into home decor solutions. Overall a safe bet.

Hdfc life- 23 stocks- Avg buying price- 720

Reason for buying- Well established private player in the insurance segment. Life insurance is quite under penetrated in India. Hdfc is a big brand in this nation and with the increase in market share, Hdfc is a good bet for the long term.

Laurus Labs - 21 stocks - Avg buying price- 590

Reason for buying- Mid cap growth company which has a potential to become large cap. Management is confident about hitting 1 billion Usd in sales in Fy 23. Current sales around 4900cr. Good progress in multi site Capex. Experienced management.

Reliance- 5 stocks- Avg buying price - 2060

Reason for buying- A giant but also has a great growth potential. With the rise in Reliance retail and Jio, the value will be unlocked in the long run. Major investment in the renewable energy sector. Believing in the vision of Mr Ambani and the growth story of India and Reliance. A blue chip safe bet.

Hcl Tech- 8 stocks- Avg buying price- 923

Reason for buying- Strong IT large cap consistent compounder. It was a value buy compared to its peers Tcs and Infosys at that time as per PE. Good management, good revenue growth, clean balance sheet.

Idfc first bank- 133 stocks- Avg buying price- 55

Reason for buying- Transforming to a retail bank as per plan. Increased CASA significantly and decreased NPA. Management guidance have been spot on. Mr V. Vaidyanathan is a major reason for me to stay invested in this bank. Good Net interest margin. Management confident about 15+ ROE. Risky bet but trusting the management guidance.

Rain industries- 25 stocks- Avg buying price- 237

Reason for buying- Leading producers of Calcined petroleum coke Cpc and Coal tar pitch CTP used in aluminum production. With the rise of Electric vehicles, use of aluminum will rise. Although a cyclical stock but management has been good. Veteran investor Mohnish pabrai is also invested in this stock which gives further conviction.

Action Construction equipments- 35 stocks- Avg buying price- 267

Reason for buying- Market leader in cranes segment. Growth potential in construction sector in India with government investing in infrastructure. Good balance sheet, low debt with growth in revenue. Small cap with good fufundamentals

Itc- 22 stocks- Avg buying price - 239

Reason for buying

Strong fundamentals. Value buy. Trustworthy management. Value can unlock with Fmcg and agri business.

India pesticides limited- 23 stocks - Avg buying price 343.

Reason for buying

Small cap good fundamental company. Low debt company. Good growth potential in agro chemical industry. Undergoing good Capex.

Looking to hold them for atleast a decade. Please let me know your thoughts as I am open to your suggestions.


Hi Souvik
Really appreciate your horizon but it would be great if you mention your goal for coming decade.
Also one personal advise don’t make your mind initially itself and consider the horizon, trust me its a very long run and there will be lot of bad and good times.
Portfolio suggestion:
ACE: I would avoid personally.
Reason is its semi cyclical and lots of good competitors. Also one down cycle can vanish your all the gains.
IPL: Again try to chose good management and have good track records. I think this itself will hint you.

I am novice investor and only mere exp as compare to other fellow VP.
Disclaimer: I am not registered adviser, we all are here to grow and make some decent money.
Happy investing :slight_smile:
Feel free to comment and look my personal goal Financial independence


Thank you for your suggestions. My goal would be to generate atleast 20% Cagr in a decade.

Hi Souvik,

You have a good well diversified portfolio. Try to include some FMCG names and avoid cyclical stories like Rain and ACE

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Sure. Thanks for the suggestion.

Keep analysing the market and learning from it. You will surely achieve your goal. Good luck!

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Thank you so much Surabh

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