Sourabh's portfolio

Sharing my portfolio
Tech Mahindra -20%

TCS and Infosys -15%

Tata Elxsi -5pc

Aurobindo Pharma -10%

Reliance -8%

Yes bank-8%


Astral poly -5%

Avanti feed-5%


Bajaj corp-5%

Bharti tele-5%

Cairn india -2pc
Torrent pharma -2pc

Starter position in Sesa goa ,M&M ,itc ,page and shilpa med

IT sector dominates my portfolio .As IT sector has been doing well,with the future visibility also been good I am holding myself from doing large reshuffle .
I would like fellow seniors to suggest some useful additions/advice for the same.

Overall a good portfolio.

Probably you could add Ajanta Pharma at current level instead of Torrent and Aurobindo in view of its good relative performance.

Reliance also could be replaced by Mayur or Manjushree Tech for better growth.

I had sold ajanta pharma back when it was around Rs 900 (pre bonus)
The rationale for having aurobindo pharma is their injectable unit and the top line growth which is coming post unit 6 approval .The flip side been their debt and that is the reason it is languishing at a low p/e of 8.Torrent pharma has seen a good growth coming in from US and europe market .
I am very bullish about tata elxsi .Under the leadership of Mr ramadorai the co finally seem to be picking up pace
I have been holding Tech mah ,tcs ,cairn since their IPO .Out of this tech mah is my top bet because they seem to be moving out their dependency over british tel and utilizingthe synergy from the merger of satyam
I agree I need to get out of reliance and looking for some correction in the valuepickr stocks.Most of them are near their 52 week highs/life time high :slight_smile:

Booked little profit in tech mahindra and aurobindo .Added more of kscl and astral .
Looking to increase position in shilpa once their result come out

I have been restructuring the portfolio since last 6 months and my current portfolio looks like

IT pack
Tech Mah-20%


Sector Stocks % Avg Price
IT Tech M 15 1072
TCS 7.5 360
Tata Elxsi 7.5 265
Pharma Aurobindo 13 205
Shilpa 5 310
Polymed 5 330
(re entered)

7 920

JB chem 5 115
Agri Kscl 5 310
Vst til 5 580
Astral 7.5 210
Symphony 7.5 410
Cox king 3 112
Avanti 6 250

Most of the conviction apart from aurobindo and IT pack have been taken from the

discussion and studies of value pickr stock .Looking forward I will increase the allocation

in symphony ,kscl,polymed and shilpa as they still offer good growth prospective.

Views are invited :)

PF looks excellent.The only change I would suggest would be to initiate a position in Persistent for TCS.Certainly TCS is an A1 company,and since you have it from IPO your margin of safety is also greater.But the foundation Persistent has made in the SMAC area is a testament to their foresight.SMAC is a thing of the future & the deal-sizes will go on increasing in the coming years.The valuations have run-up a bit,but I think its one of the best companies to be in,in IT.Their payout is good too.
Disc.: Wanted to buy when it was around 500.Missed it.

Thanks sagar .I had initiated a thread on Persistent system long back on valuepickr and was holding it .
But the allocation was low and I took an exit route around 750 .As correctly stated by you ,being a software professional I understand the value and importance of SMAC technologies .TCS has also set up a unit in silicon valley for the same .But persistent offers more room for appreciation than TCS and will be interesting bet once it corrects a bit .
A bit concerned with the debt of cox and kings and might take an exit route around levels of 155

Updating the portfolio after a long time .

Ajanta now has the third highest allocation in my portfolio .I still believe this has a long way to go.Picked up some opportunistic bets in prima plastic ,nikamal(oil prices) ,skm eggs (there is a good thread in vp blog ) .

Booked out of symphony after my first 5x return :slight_smile:

Tech Mahindra -15 pc

Ajanta pharma -15pc

Aurobindo pharma -15pc

Infosys & tcs -5pc

Repco ,Canfin ,HSIL,Havells,Astral-15pc

PTC fin -10pc

Mayur uni -5pc

kitex garm-5pc

Page ind-5pc


kaveri seed -5pc

Small allocations in ratnamani metal,adi finechem ,mold tec packaging,hester bio,prima plastics,skm eggs .I generally average up and make this small allocations part of the core portfolio .

Excellent picks Sourabh.

Of these picks which one you are ready to hold for next 3-5 years?

Your take on stake sale at Kaveri by its promoters and Mayur Uni prospects?

Also on recent acquisitions by astral n Aurobindo?

Posting after a really long time.My stock journey started three years ago.I used to watch money control since a very young age but everything made very less sense to me.I saw my dad’s stock euphoria in 2002 with stocks like Silverline tech touching 3000 and the subsequent dismay when the market crashed.A repeat of the same fate in 2008.I did CFA post me to help me understand how markets work.I owe a lot to the articles posted by Donald on the importance of capital allocation when to sell a stock and almost all his post.
Here is the current composition.I generally average up and avoid churning too much I shall be posting about my rationale in subsequent threads .

Arihant Capital-2.5%
Avanti Feeds -15%
Bajaj Finance -10%
Bajaj Fina Service -2.5%
Bharat Rasayan- 2.5%
BLS -5%
Britannia Industries-5%
Canfin Home-5%
Edelwess -5%
Future Enterprises-5%
Graphite India Ltd-7.5%
Heritage Food-2.5%
Himadri Chemicals-2.5%
Piramal Ent-10%
Rain Industries-7.5%