Sonal Adhesives Ltd

Incorporated in 1992, Sonal Adhesives Ltd manufactures specialty adhesive tapes, emulsion and plastic ropes.
Product Profile:
a) Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP): [1]
A carton sealing tape with a water based acrylic adhesive. These BOPP tapes are available in:
Plain Tapes, Printed Tapes (up to 4 colors), Jumbo Rolls, Easy Tear or Hand Sealable
Tapes, Low Noise Tapes, Stationery Tapes, Masking Tape
b) Adhesive & Emulsions: [2]
Paint Emulsions, Textile Binders for printing and flocking applications, Adhesives for BOPP tapes, Stickers and Lamination, Woodworking adhesives and emulsions for construction chemicals. Annual capacity is 6,000 TPA.
c) Ropes & Twine: [3]
PP / HDPE Ropes in 3 & 4 strand of up to 32 mm in Diameter and Bale Twines of up to 100000 D. Entire production is exported to Middle East and African countries.

Brands: [4]
Company’s products are marketed under brand name SONAL and ADICRYL

Export Countries: [5]
UK, USA, Nigeria, Russia, countries in Middle East and African continent.

Revenue Breakup: [6]
In FY21, company generated revenue from Operations~97%, Interest Income
~1% and Other Non-Operating Income ~2%

Revenue from Top Customers: [7]
In FY21, company generated ~11% of total revenue from 1 customer and ~40% from top 5 customers