Sona Comstar BLW - Direct EV Play

I came here to find out if someone knows the answer. I suspect this has something to do with Blackrock.

Blackrock exited at a healthy profit and wanted to share a part of the profit with a few key employees, as a thank you gesture. Its not a negative or a positive for the stock and probably doesn’t impact price action at all. This is my understanding.

One reason for price correction may be because of Europe/US slowdown. They have 5 customers in Europe and 4 customers in US and the orders may get delayed due to the slowdown.


Ive been invested patiently, in Sonacom but today’s further Dip just got me to exit my position for now. Shifted my amt to Sandhar, which also an Auto Ancillary… going to track Sona and look at how things pan out from here…

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Do we know who those 9 customers are? I see that they claim that top 3 customers give 45% revenues and their top 10 customers 75%+ revenues.

“Company’s global OEM customer portfolio includes a Global OEM of EVs, a North American OEM of PVs and CVs, Ampere Vehicles, an Indian OEM of PVs, CVs and EVs, Ashok Leyland, CNH, Daimler, Escorts, Escorts Kubota, Geely, Jaguar Land Rover, John Deere, Mahindra and Mahindra, Mahindra Electric, Maruti Suzuki, Renault Nissan, Revolt Intellicorp, TAFE, Volvo Cars and Volvo Eicher. They also serve selected leading Tier 1 automotive system suppliers such as Carraro, Dana, Jing-Jin Electric, Linamar and Maschio.”

Found this from their IPO note:

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