Some Feedback

I want to start out by saying that I spend most of my waking hours researching stocks and using stock screeners. I searched for free screeners on the net a few years ago and found a few I still work with but haven’t searched for new ones too intensively lately.

I came across ValuePickr through a blog and found an interesting array of pre-defined screeners. I requested Donald for access to the custom screener, which he kindly granted, and I wanted to post some feedback.

The ValuePickr screener has the best functionality for a free screener for Indian stocks I’ve found on the net. The fields and functionality allows me to dissect data any way I wish and I congratulate Donald and team for creating this.

My main piece of constructive criticism would be the outdated values in some of the fields - for instance, the market cap on a lot of companies is nowhere near current - requiring manual entries on spreadsheets. Also, the financial data appears to be one year late i.e. TTM figures are for 2010; LFY for 2009 etc.

Once this screener incorporates up to date values, it would be the best screener on the net by far.

Thanks for this offering Donald and best wishes for the future.


Thanks Anon for your feedback and the kind words.

We have our limitations! We hope to be able to able to consistently provide updated data in 3-6 months time!

We hope you will take part in our Forum discussions. Members would gain a lot from someone who lives and breathes stocks!


Hi Donald and team,

I come once in a while to your site to check out the screener - particularly to see if the figures are updated etc. so that I can use it confidently …

I’ve noticed that you guys have now updated the market cap data to latest values, which is excellent work … They seem to be reflecting last closing prices now … so, that’s great …

I encountered a new problem last month with the cash flow data - but saw that the issue was raised in your forum and that you guys were working on it … however, this is still not resolved i.e. all cash flow data return ‘null’ values …

I would appreciate it very much if you could pay more attention to your first-class screener, which is really top of the pack in terms of available free screeners right now (barring these minor issues) … it’s really a shame to neglect this (as I read the admin team stating that the screener is low priority since only 2% of users use this) because you guys really have something great going here …

I request you to please prioritise your screener issues to get this top quality screener running as smoothly and glitch-free as possible …

On a related note, once you have comprehensive functionality (i.e. all the factors you guys can think of) incorporated in your screener, I, for one, would be willing to pay fees to use your screener … it’s got that much potential … please prioritise …

Thanks guys and keep up the excellent work …

Donald and Team, are you guys around?? There doesn’t appear to be any activity in this section of the forum … Any response would be much appreciated …

Sorry Anon.

We have some limitations on the resource front! Thanks for your candid appraisal of our stock screener, we value your confidence!

Lets see how soon we can plug the glitches!


Dear All,

Can someone please guide me as to how to access these screeners and use them

Hi Sandeep,

There are enough resources on getting started with screeners in the Resources section.


Hi Donald,

Sometime back, I had seen a post from you/ comment showing how the valuepicker extensively discussed stocks performed. somehow now I am unable to find that again. Could you please help to locate? will that be possible to show it as a thread?

ValuePickr Scorecard is discussed/updated under the Capital Allocation Forum

One more request Donald sir,

while starting a discussion on a stock, it will be useful to mention cmp of the stock so as to enable new comer at which price the stock was discussed and can compare with present market price. The discussion on a stock is going on for years and hence it is useful. The second thing is very good discussion is going on each stock by this esteemed group and giving no conclusion. So conclusion by analyst or desclaimer whether he bought the stock if so buying price will give confidence and a path to new investors. Just being a new guy, it is my suggestion. take it lightly



Congratulations on keeping up the good work ! The popularity of your site is evident by increasing posts… you really need to something about making the browsing experience more user friendly… as of now forums open up as only names… no page numbering to directly go to latest discussions… with increasing posts its getting difficult to keep track of discussions here!!

Please do look into it! Otherwise a wonderful platform to interact with stock keenies :slight_smile:

Completely agree with above post. Its a fantastic site with superb contents but browsing experience needs an (at least small) overhaul. Everyday I keep tag on “Recent Activity” by using url: almost all threads have multiple pages and its cumbersome to scroll down whole first page and then click on last page and then again scroll down to see latest update in thread.

Is there any other method/shortcut for checking only latest updates? If not, I am sure regular readers will be delighted if such feature will get introduced.

Hey Guys,

First things first. There are actually shortcuts that work!

1). click on “Show all recent activity” -

The following conversations have had recent activity.

Conversations marked withhave had activity since your last log-in.

That will show all the latest threads that have seen participation since your last login -marked by golden stars*

2). click on “Most recent comment column - e.g Jagbir Singh” (name of the most recent commentor in the last column in any recent thread) - this is supposed to take you to the most recent comment. (e.g. I clicked on Jagbir singh in feedback thread last column to reach here directly).

try this out…but i have seen this not working properly in threads with many pages:(

Anyways,Thanks for the encouragement. ValuePickr is what it is because of the participation from more & more folks like you.

Sorry that ValuePickr has also turned out to be a geeky site - not user friendly at all - its aimed as if at power users:) However this is by default, rather than design. we just don’t have any bandwidth/resources at the moment to invest in small but essential functionality. Hell, we don’t even promote some our best content, or say the track record - that can encourage many more learners on the path.

Urge you to bear with us - we are close to finding some solutions …but that’s been the story a few times so far…keep fingers crossed…that we can get like-minded folks to take things forward on the functionality side.


Thanks Donald for reply. Don’t say ValuePickr is not user friendly at all, it’s of course have enough features to do most essential things. May not have flashy design, navigation but at the end its boiled down to contents which areundoubtedly great.