SKY GOLD is in jewellery designing and Manufacturing

Sky Gold Limited is a distinguished company specializing in the design, manufacturing, and marketing of exquisite gold jewelry since its inception. Our primary focus revolves around the realm of 22 Karat gold jewelry, showcasing an extensive array of designs meticulously crafted to cater to the discerning tastes of our esteemed clientele. They are mainly present in B to B business setup

Our portfolio encompasses a wide spectrum of designs, with an added touch of elegance through the inclusion of studded American diamonds and/or colored gemstones in select pieces of jewelry.

Sky Gold Limited operates within a B2B framework, primarily distributing our products to mid-range jewelers and boutique stores. These esteemed partners, in turn, make our jewelry accessible to consumers through online platforms and retail outlets, thereby expanding our reach and influence in the market.

Sky Gold is up to some exciting stuff! They’re in the midst of setting up a brand-new factory in Navi Mumbai, and it’s already there. The plan is to kick off operations in August 2023.

This factory is impressive, with a capacity for 1200 employees and the potential to generate a whopping Rs. 4500 Crores in the years to come. To make this happen, they’ve leased the factory and invested around Rs. 10-12 Crores in machinery and fixtures. What’s cool is that they’ve got these top-notch German and Italian machines on order, arriving in July and getting installed in August. These machines are all about efficiency and will help reduce gold loss.

Now, here’s the thing - they’ve taken on a bit of debt for this expansion, but it seems like a smart move given the potential. They’re expanding primarily to introduce some exciting new products and ramp up production. And they’ve got these verbal commitments from corporate clients who are planning to expand their showrooms in 2024-2025. So, the future looks pretty bright!

But that’s not all. Sky Gold is making some waves in the US market. They’ve gone all out with aggressive marketing, and they’ve partnered up with Varanium, They r expecting revenue from USA from this quater onwards

The company has reputed clients like Malabar Gold, Joyalukkas, S R gold, etc and now the company further added Reliance and Tanishq as its new customer