Simple to understand Midcap's

I am trying to make a list of good Midcap businesses that are less complex to understand and keep track of.

just started with the list.

Indag Rubber Ltd
Thangamayil Jewellery..
Finolex Cables Limited
VST Tillers Tractors...
WIM Plast Ltd
Orbit Exports Limited.
Suprajit Engineering...
Mayur Uniquoters Limited
Solar Industries India...
La Opala RG Limited
Grindwell Norton Ltd.
Astral Poly Technik...
Bata India Limited

would love to get more ideas from you.

Haven’t found any stocks simple to understand in my 18+ month of investing experience. Everywhere I need to study it fundamentally, do research on the stock via collective effort at valuepickr to decide its investment-worthiness, develop conviction, track it continuously to understand how things are changing, and take suitable decision based on this.



Actually i have a very simple problem and guess most of the people who just started investing in stock might face the same.

The first stock i bought was Ajanta Pharma. I read the Annual report of 3 years, did some study of the balancesheet of last 10 years that i got from money control. Read the discussion by seniors on Valuepickr. Compared the P/E with companies of similar size and thought it was undervalued at a P/E of around 8 and bought the stock.

The stock has zoomed from there. Now i don’t know when to Sell it. It a situation similar to Abhimanyu in a “Chakravyuh” . Now my sell or not to sell decision will be totally dependent on the Balance Sheet and the discussion on Valuepickr.

The reason to find companies that have a simple business model was that i might be able to have a better conviction of when to get it and when to get out. I wanted to know how the seniors solved this issue when they were new.