Shree Portfolio review

I am new into investing say about 6 months. Earlier it was managed by my very good friend and have been literally pushed into it as he backed out. Request you all to kindly advice. I am currently holding the following-

Gruh Finance
Shilpa Medicare
Page Industries

I am keen to hold for a long term investment (2 to 3 yrs) but tend to get deviated when i see them making some profit. Like Page Industries is currently on a high and I feel I should book my profit and buy once it drops. Kindly advice

Lupin is a major issue for me as I bought it at 1442 and it does not seem to be coming even close to it.

Hi Shree,

So as forum to help you better, it would be great if list down your avg price of holding and % of portfolio (at current rate) of your holdings.

Discussing only names would be of little help to you in my opinion.

PS - i am of the view that i am not offending usage policies of the forum while asking you to do so, as i am also a new joinee :slight_smile:

Lupin 26.4%, 1442
Page Ind 18.6%,14253
Shilpa Industries 15.4%, 666
Century Textiles 14.3%, 1074
Granules India 8.5%, 143
Gruh finance 7.3%, 401
Mayur Uniquoter 6.3%,388
Repco 3% 755

The above is the percentage share nd the rates at which I have bought them.
Your review would be highly helpful. Thx in advance

Hi Shree,

2-3 year horizon means you should be a conservative. >5 yr is for aggressive, concentrated investments.

Hence while creating portfolio, ensure that no sector is alloted > 20% and no stock is alloted > 12% unless there is something very attractive like metals in feb-2016 or banks in sep-2013.

Start with 2-5% in a stock as and when you find it reasonably priced and then accumulate on dips or even on rise if fundamental improves (value > price).

And your issue with Lupin is not the price of 1442 (25 X FY17 EPS) but the weightage of 26% and pharma weightage @ 35%.

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Thank you for ur inputs. I really appreciate it and will keep in mind the points u have stated. Its just that I am not aware of any other gud share in which I should invest.
Any particular site that I should look into for reading ?

If you are new to investing, you may want to understand how to value a company and pick stocks. Don’t invest until you understand the basics. I found below link to be very well written for a new investor.

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Thank you Vijay.
The link is very useful for the beginners. I got many of my answers.

i see approx 50% of portfolio in pharma which is one of most complicated sectors. I understand this could be a contrarian view but a good portfolio must be balanced by sector exposure, currency exposure etc. until and unless you are absolute master of the stock and sector know hidden analysis better than others.

Thx Saurabh. I shall keep in mind.