Shivam's portfolio and investment strategy

Hi everyone,

I have been a huge fan of valuepickr from the time I was introduced to it. It has helped me a lot in my investing journey. I also try to contribute here in whatever small way I can. In this post, I will discuss about my portfolio allocation and investing strategy. I would love your feedback.

Old investment strategy

Till now, most of my investment was in special situation stocks like CG power, Forbes and company, GMR infrastructure etc. It was a very concentrated portfolio which did give good returns during this bull market. I still have Forbes and company + Shalimar Paints in this concentrated portfolio. I am now going to change my strategy a bit. Going forward, I am not going to do any additional investments in my concentrated portfolio. I have already taken out decent profits from this portfolio.

New investment strategy

I have created a new Demat account and will be following my new strategy in this account. All my new investments will be made here. I am neither going to take any money out of my concentrated portfolio nor going to add any money there.

My new strategy is to invest most of my money I have at present in REIT/InvIT. I am expecting around 7-8% dividend yield for this portfolio + 5% stock price CAGR in long-term. I will be using these dividends and my salary to invest directly in India and US stocks.

Below is a summary of how I will be putting the money I have at present in REIT/InvIT. Investment in these stocks will be done in the next 4-5 months.

REIT/InvIT name Allocation(%) Dividend yield(%)
IRB InvIT 30 14
Brookefield REIT 20 8
India grid InvIT 20 8.6
Embassy REIT 15 6
Powergrid InvIT 15 7

I am waiting for the NHAI InvIT and DLF REIT IPO. I would diversify this portfolio when new InvIT/REIT comes in the market.

SIP in India and US stocks

I will be using these dividends earned from my REIT/InvIT portfolio and my salary to invest directly in India and US stocks. If I have around 1 lakhs(dividends + salary) to invest in a month, I will be allocating 50k to SIP in Indian stocks and other 50k to SIP in US stocks. I am aiming for around 15% CAGR from this portfolio of stocks over long-term.

India stock portfolio

I would be doing SIP in companies having:

  • Good promoters
  • Huge opportunity size
  • Profit CAGR potential > 15%
  • Reasonably valued
  • Special situations which are going to evolve over next 1-2 years.

Here is the list of 20 stocks which I will be doing SIP using dividends from REIT/InvIT and my salary. All stocks will have equal weightage.

Smallcase portfolio link -

50% of my portfolio consist of large cap stocks which can potentially deliver 15% CAGR returns over long-term. Rest of the money is invested in mid cap and small cap stocks.

SIP in US stocks

For tech stocks, I will be investing in US stock market. This also helps me in diversify my portfolio and take advantage of the rupee depreciation. These tech stocks are still growing their profits at around 20% CAGR.

  1. Google
  2. Microsoft
  3. Amazon
  4. Adobe
  5. Netflix

I would love your feedback on my investment strategy and portfolio stocks.


Hi Shivam,
Welcome to the forum, i look forward to your updates on special situation on twitter, appreciate your deep knowledge on specific opportunities. You have a very unique portfolio setup, wish you all the best !

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Hi Shivam,
Welcome to the valuepickr forum, I really liked your post on special situation on twitter, appreciate your sound knowledge on stocks and DevOps as well :slight_smile: . I want to thank you for you for sharing your knowledge on CG power , It helped me to build my initial conviction on CG power and a 5 begger :grinning: .You have good set of stocks in your portfolio, wish you all the best!

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@shivammitra Screener link is broken. please check

Have removed it for now. Looks like screener watchlist cannot be shared publicly. I have also created a smallcase but didn’t find any way to share it publicly.

Have included the smallcase portfolio link in the post.

Have made some changes in my SIP basket. Replaced Glenmark Life and Hero Motocorp with Marico and Tata Investments.

Reasons for removing Hero Motocorp and Glenmark Life

I already had 2 good companies from Pharma space - Syngene and Piramal enterprises . Since I do not understand Pharma a lot, I want to go with big players in this space. For Hero Motocorp, I like the dividends and valuation but I am afraid on the growth side. I want to do SIP in companies which can grow profits by 10-15% CAGR in long-term(10+ years) and I don’t see Hero doing that because of the intense competition in EV space. I will look at the the response once Hero motocorp launches it’s own EVs.

Reasons for adding Marico and Tata Investments

Marico is a dominant player in FMCG space and has been able to grow its profits at around 10-15% CAGR in last 3-5 years. A dividend yield of 2% is a plus. The management is quite professional and they are trying to enter new categories.
Tata investments is a holding company of Tata group and distributes around 80-100% profits as dividends. In the last 10 years, the share price has grown at 12% CAGR. If we add dividends, it will be around 14%. I am bullish on Tata group companies and if they do well, Tata investments will also do good. The dividends here should compound as well.

Companies in watchlist for SIP portfolio

  1. Saregama - Waiting for valuation to correct more
  2. Abbott - Waiting for valuation to correct more
  3. Thyrocare - Valuations are reasonable but watching the events thats happening after the acquisition
  4. Tube investments - Don’t like the current valuations but the company has become huge after CG power acquisition. They are also planning to launch EV(3 wheeler) soon. Will be watching the developments closely.

Companies I am planning to add to my dividend portfolio

  1. IOCL - Dividend yield is around 10%. It is decreasing dependence from petroleum refining and focusing more on petrochemicals and gas pipelines. It will also be installing EV chargers on its huge networks of petrol pumps.
  2. Balmer Lawrie Investments - Dividend yield is around 10%. It’s a holding company of Balmer Lawrie. Read this twitter thread to know more -
  3. Goodyear India - Current dividend is around 10% but need to see if even 7-8% yield is sustainable. In case if it is, I would love to invest.
  4. IRFC - Current dividend yield is around 4.5% but I see dividends growing over time as profit increases.

Do provide with any suggestions or feedback yo have.

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Did another SIP in my long-term portfolio today after seeing a good dip.

Have added 3 three new stocks to my long-term portfolio. The churning rate is a bit high now since I am still trying to focus on building the portfolio. In the long-term, I would like the churn rate to be 10-20%.

  • Sapphire foods - Sold Burger King India. Sapphire foods results are quite good and it trades at decent valuation. The issue with Burger king India is that it is doing a lot of changes. I am not sure how buying out Burger King Indonesia will pan out for the stock. I have put in the watchlist for now.
  • Thyrocare - Valuation has become quite cheap now after today correction. With the coming of PharmEasy, the scale should increase.
  • Sundaram Clayton - Special situation stock with the demerger of casting business. Sundaram Calyton will become a holding company of TVS motors after demerger.

Received dividends from 2 of my REIT/InvITs.

  • Powergrid InvIT - Rs 3/share
  • Embassy REIT - Rs 5.2/share

Waiting for dividends from IRB InvIT and Brookefield REIT.

In the concentrated portfolio, I have sold Forbes and co shares after the record date of demerger since I was interested only in the Eureka Forbes business.

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Added 5 stocks to my dividends portfolio during recent dip. Wanted to make my dividends portfolio more diversified.

  1. IOCL
  2. REC
  3. Indus tower
  4. NMDC
  5. IRFC

Wanted to add Balmer Lawrie Investments but government planning of divestment of Balmer and Lawrie made me change my mind. My plan is to keep these dividend paying companies for 10-20 years unless any business issue arises.

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It’s been a long time since I have updated this thread. I have done some changes to my India portfolio.

REIT/InvIT portfolio

  • Weightage - 70%

Special situation stocks portfolio

  • Weightage - 22%

SIP portfolio

  • Weightage - 8%

Overall returns (realised + unrealised + dividends) = -4.5%
Nifty 50 returns = -10%
Do note that I have started all these portfolios from Feb 2022.


Your Stock selection is impeccable but I don’t understand the reason for having 70% Investment is divided income stocks whose capital appreciation is very limited. Is the plan to invest the dividends into your SIP portfolio? Or some other conservative approach?

Also you mentioned your overall portfolio returns are just -4.5%, better than the Nifty returns but that can be because of the high weightage to Invits and REITs and dividend stocks. If you find the average return of your equity investments, then you might get a clearer picture of your portfolio.

Is this allocation deliberate in order to protect capital?

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I am trying to decrease the weight of my dividend stocks to 50%. Yes, I do agree that dividend stocks gives very less capital returns but the dividend yield is almost 10% for me. So, it’s a cash flow machine for me. My aim is to get overall(10-12%) from my dividend portfolio and above 15% from rest of portfolio. 12% annual returns with regular cash flow is what I aim for.

Since the capital appreciation/depreciation in dividend stocks is very less, I can always use them as cash when I see a special situation opportunity in the market.


Hey, I do put money in mutual funds also. If you see my dividend portfolio, the yield is close to 10%. I don’t think any mutual fund can provide that yield.

@shivammitra, good US stock selections !!
How are you moving your funds out of India to invest in US stocks?? How do you convert INR to USD?? Which international broker you use to invest in the market :thinking:

How’s everything going on @shivammitra ? Keen to know the status of your investments?

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