Shilpa Medicare -Racing away on the Oncology API highway!

Thanks @ayushmit for the compliments!

Owe a lot to you! Started my proper journey with Avanti feeds from your dalal street blog!
It has been a patient and exciting journey over the last 2 years!

Please check @vml new toys :smile:

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Ayush, you keep on finding new ideas for us to work on :smile:

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Thanks @ayushmit :smile:
Yeah. we owe a lot to you and @Donald


Have updated the “DMF’s in Pipeline” sheet as well.
Looks much better than the “Existing DMF” sheet in terms no. of inputs required.

Will update the “Existing DMF” sheet using the same menthodology as the “DMF’s in Pipeline sheet”.

@Donald is it ok to create a new thread dedicated to the template with a basic How-To guide?


With respect to the Exclusivity Tracker i have found a sheet which is periodically updated.

Now i need to find a way to collate the data which is classified into separate sheets based on alphabet into a single sheet within the template.

And wrt the Patents, i found a great site referenced by Pharma Compass -

Fetches patent from multiple regions

Most of the patents which listed in google patents are valid Patent Applications but are still pending for approval


You guys are doing brilliant stuff… I am amazed and keep wondering how powerful a collaboration onslaught we might have just unleashed :wink:

Wait for a day.
To give the devil his due, give me a chance to share @ananth 's (seminal for VP) presentation on How to Research Pharma Pipeline. And then you guys can share further learnings and build on it - and share for community’s benefit

Cheers. More power to collaboration!


Hi Vishnu,

Excellent work! The exclusivity tracker file will give us a lot of inputs on the FTF products of the company.

You can filter the google search results to give you only approved patents. CLick on “Search Tools” -> “Any filing status” -> “Issued patents”

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Thanks for that.

It tallies with the results from

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Shareholding Pattern For June 30, 2015

I have been reading about shilpa medicare. Getting good conviction about it. Still a long way to go.
Seniors: do you think valuations right now are expensive for fresh entry for longer term?

I am no senior but if you have conviction then buying at support areas may be advisable (I am holding from 425/- and bought again at 860/- last month).

Disc.: Views may be biased.

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Stock has hit UC today.Whats the news, any views?
Q1 Results are on 7th Aug

It is a pleasure to see the UC in Shilpa. I was of the view that next 6-12 months there may not be any fireworks on this counter and was lazy in accumulating more…

Anyway, it is still 16% of my portfolio and today it became 19% :smile:

Very high volumes too.

Another cracker of a day - stock was up 11% today. With the results on 7th, I am wondering where this will go since the expectation was that it will be an average quarter…frankly, I am worried about these vertigo inducing take offs and I am hoping that it will sustain for the long run, given all the big dreams we have for '17 and beyond…
PS - invested and worrying a bit !! views are biased…pl do your diligence

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Results out

Revenue up 14% from 127cr to 144cr YoY
PAT up 12% from 19.03cr to 21.28cr YoY.

Revenue up 7% from 139cr to 148.5cr YoY
PAT down 6% from 17.07cr to 16.05cr YoY

So the spurt in the price recently was just some funds accumulating…hmmmmm…no fireworks anytime soon…lets have some coffee and go back to daily life… :smile:


Probably, this scenario will repeat for several forthcoming quarters till FY17

Last time a price spurt had come a couple of days before the announcements of api plants’ inspection by US-FDA iirc. This time one would have thought it could be due to an approval. :–)