Sharing eBooks through ValuePickr Forums: Not Advisable


Please be advised that what might have been started by some well-meaning Members as a way to help/share Ebooks/Resources with fellow investors, is strictly-speaking unethical and illegal. Please note what you are sharing/distributing may be an unauthorised copy of the Author’s work that is otherwise, available for Sale.

It is also proving counter-productive with a large chunk of Members indulging in requests for the same. As Ashwin has been pointing out to many such Members:

a) Remaining mute to such transactions - may imply ValuePickr Forumencourages such transactions - which is strictly not ethical/legal

b) Many important threads are getting hijacked by these eBook-seekers;this is certainly a big nuisance - and contributor to degradation of discussion-quality

1). A new guideline is being issued to prohibit suchtransactions on ValuePickr. All such offending posts will be deleted forthwith.

2). Members may contact othermembers directly one one-to-one basis through Private Messages(possible on ValuePickr by clicking on user-name appearing on top ofpost) for any help they might need on resource(s) sharing

3). No overt/covert reference to unathorised (available for sale) e-Book sharing or such links will be allowedon ValuePickr

4). Any Member found violating the guideline may risk losing Membership rights/access to ValuePickr content and services

Hi Members/Newbies

As pointed by Admin and Ashwin, legally and ethically it’s not the right to share/distribute unauthorised (otherwise available for Sale) eBooks.

The access to shared downloads provided by me has been removed, and the account will be disabled by tomorrow midnight.

If you have shared/uploaded any personal data and if its a single back up, please let me know.

Thanku Ashwin and Admin.




I support this initiative. Please let me know if I can be of any help in the clean up operation. I will also try to bring to notice of the Administrator if anyone seeks out eBooks publicly or tries to steer conversation from investing related/company related threads to request for eBooks.



The 2 main culprit threads have been sanitised - offending posts have been deleted. Kindly check.

There must be other offending threads as well - where a few members might have offered and/or requested for copies. Kindly alert us and help us keep this Forum self-moderated.

Sharing ebooks is not a good practice since it is neither legal, healthy (bad for eyes) nor ethical.

Warren buffett says the best investment is the one which we make on oneself either being fit or reading, etc. It pays the highest dividend (compounded) till you live so spending on books should not be seen as an expense, IMHO.

I completely support this initiative. Even legally speaking, I think it amounts to violation of copyrights.

Hi Everyone,

As informed the account has been deleted


I support this initiative. We should not use valuepickr platform to share e-books.

I support it as well.