Shareholding pattern information


Where can I find the shareholding pattern for stocks listed on NSE only? On the BSE website, I can see the shareholding pattern, disclosures, bulk deals etc. for any stock listed on the BSE. However, I am not sure where this information is available on the NSE website.

I can find it on places like valueresearch, but they are updated later and are also not exhaustive. Is there a section on the NSE website with this information?


You should be able to get it from

Company Information -> Shareholding Pattern -> View Details

from the stock page.

For eg.

View Details will show the shareholding pattern

You can also just replace the scrip code in the URL as a shortcut.


Ah, got it. I had not noticed the link before. Thank you!

Sorry, one more question - I am unable to find the “Mutual fund holdings” when I dig into the shareholding pattern details. I can only see the “aggregate” public shareholding. Is that not separately listed? In the BSE website, I can see the breakup of the public shareholding by Institutions, MFs, HNIs etc.

Click on the Table 1, Table 2 etc links at the top. Table 3 shows the split-up of public shareholding which has the MF holdings, FPI holdings etc.

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How did you get to this page “Shareholding Patterns Details”? I can’t see it only and can’t figure out a link anywhere. Strange!

Am sharing my screenshots here.

Click on the “As on Date” column on the date instead of the whole row. NSE has quite an ugly and non-intuitive UX. This is the link

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Ah, finally! Thank you. Indeed, quite non-intuitive and ugly!

try marketmojo for finding share holding pattern. Else go to company website.