Shareholder Freebies/Coupons

Guys can we make a list of companies which gave some coupons or Freebies other than the usual dividends. My experience has been

  1. Bata 20℅ off coupons
  2. Ugar sugar giving away sugar @ ₹12/kg for every 100 shares. Even today sugar touching ₹50 u get it for ₹12/kg. But beware this sugar is supplied only in Mumbai, pune and western Maharashtra.
  3. speciality restaurants 30℅ off coupons

Please add such more companies to this list so that everyone benefits than the mere divideds


I remember Hawkins giving some discount few years back on their cookers. No longer invested .

NIIT used to send discount coupons. Reliance used to send Vimal gift vouchers. But this was at least a decade ago. The old timers tell stories about freebies dished out at AGMs. It used to be some event.

I think wonderla have given discount entry passes some months ago

Raymond also send discount coupons to its shareholders
Disc- invested qty 1 share

Bombay Dyeing also gives discount coupons

Disc - Invested in Bombay Dyeing

I don’t really understand the purpose of this thread.

Will anybody invest in a company just because it’s offering some discounts/freebies for its shareholders?

Either need to clearly explain the purpose of this thread and how it helps us make better investment decisions or should be deleted.


@ Gurjota this thread is just for knowledge, there are a lot of old timers who are loyal to a company just because of the constant dividends and coupons. I see no point why one should delete this thread


Apollo hospitals gives coupons which can be used at their pharmacies and hospitals

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Mafatlal Industires
Indian Hotels - Taj Hotels
EIH - Oberoi Hotels
Gujarat Hotels - Hotel Welcome Baroda
Jindal Hotels - Hotel Surya Palace Baroda

I have received Discount coupons from ThyroCare for blood tests

Hawkins 20% discount coupons for 3 purchase. One can buy online or thru dealer (very few dealers there )

Maxima systems also provided coupons - heard from friend

Venkys - Coupon
Relaxo - Coupon
Hawkins- Coupon
Overleveraged companies - Free ‘Headache’ & ‘Heartburn’ :slight_smile:

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Does ugar give sugar @12 kg proportionally to the shares held or its common for all

Any other companies that still provides freebies?