ShareHolder Finder Software

Finding the new investments by proven and veteran investors (like Jhunjhunwala/ Dolly Khanna/ Porinju etc etc) can lead to a new investment opportunity for small investors.

The software can search through the shareholding pattern of entire BSE listed companies and filter out the stocks owned by particular shareholders. It directly gets the information from BSE website, So NO DELAYS (delay for updating the local web database when a company submits shareholding patterns to exchange etc) and NO ERRORS are expected.

Please see more details here - ShareHolder Finder Software for Indian Companies

Please try this software and give us your valuable feedback and suggestions.
We are very eager to hear the feedback from all. It will definitely help us deciding future plans on further development of this software and also other softwares in plan.

Thank you very much

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Virus File, Dont download.

Hi rishi,

I am very sorry to hear that, it is detected as virus there.
It is not a virus.
Could you please let us know which Antivirus software detected the issue there?

We are talking with different antivirus manufactures for solving these kind of False Positives.

Symantec Norton and other some manufactures have already white-listed this software. Please check below screenshot.

Also, we have received multiple queries from several valuepickr users on this software. None of them have mentioned this issue. Hope they will post their thoughts here.

Best Regards & Thanks in advance

@Alice Happy New Year. Quickheal not allowing it. Is it safe to ignore Quickheal

Hello mpbajaj53,

Happy new year and thank you for contacting me.

We will notify this false positive to Quickheal. Meanwhile, even you can notify them for an independent assessment.

Could you please let me know Quickheal Product Name and Version which detected this issue. A screenshot also would be very helpful.

Thanks in advance

Thank you for an excellent software. Very useful and works great for me.


Seems like an interesting resource, but it would be nice if you could make it accessible through a website. As a Mac user I have no way to use this.


Thank you for your valuable feedback.

Actually, the idea behind this software is to analyse the live data available from BSE website. We don’t want to keep any database or hurdles of webserver to avoid any DELAYs and ERRORs. The main purpose of this software is to make the data presented to the user, immediately when it is reported to exchange. Usually we see, a web based system may take several days to update the data.

Inshort, a web based system may spoil the objective of this software and we are not planning for a web based system for this product. We are working on some other web based products and will release soon. And for this product, we may consider an ios app in future.

If you want to try this, please get a windows PC. You may consider trying to install Windows on Mac.

Thank you

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Thanks Alice for quick response. Quick heal total security.

You can use to access on the website the same details


Hi Divyagupta,

Thank you fou the input. Please check reply to RICHAJ, why we went for this particular type.

Thank you

Hello mpbajaj53,

We have informed them regarding this False positive. Will update here once we get a feedback.

Thank you

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