Share India Securities - will they give security to Retail

Same here, emailed them for signing up to the algo programs. No response at all. Previously the website registration portal was also down, but now that seems to be working - you have to upload PAN Card, bank details etc, I haven’t tried this out though.

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This post clarified my doubts:

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i visited their website and noted the following…

  • Gains arising out of shares which are held for more than 1 year as well as Dividend Incomes are absolutely tax-free

how could they make such an error and not rectify it in a long long time, this is very perplexing…

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Share India Securities launching Global investing soon. Positive news as it will give them incremental revenue stream for their existing clients. Though its something very easily available now via Vested, INDMoney, Stockal etc…


Disclosure: Invested from Rs. 250-300 levels


Reco Research report

Share-India-Securities-30-12-2023-pro.pdf (270.6 KB)


Company looks Interesting however increasing promoter pledge is concerning, any details about it will be appreciated.

Actually the pledging has reduced a bit from 25 to 23, fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:. It happened at the end of last year i.e. 2023. Hope it will get reduced a bit further. The immediate trigger m hoping for is to see how its platform uTrade and platform for international investment will pan out, hope it goes well because it claims that it has a few customers which will definitely switch to it.

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Where did you find pledge going down?

As per Stockedge it has increased in Dec qtr

Here it is, but i don’t know, there is still a little bit of misunderstanding by me i guess, they have released on same date and have pledged also on same date, in morning i checked and it was showing this thing, i think they are doing it for personal purpose means trading from individual accounts. Here, in november also some release of pledge was there

Hi all,

I am trying to make sense of number of broking customers of the business. As

As per Q3 FY24 presentation, they have 32,886 clients in broking.

However, in Google play store the number of downloads for Share India (Demat and Stocks app) are only 5000. If I triple the count to account for apple and web users, it comes around 15,000. Does anyone know what am I missing?

Probably because of this : About Us - uTrade Algos