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Shanmu Portfolio - Valuable opinions - welcome

I am Shanmugam. 32 yr old doctor. Creating portfolio for long term investment. Any suggestions on portfolio is welcome. Previously had market weightage portfolio. Did modification and made equal weightage portfolio.

Wish to have growth of 15 - 25 %. Some stocks are overvalued. But added in view of future growth. Have 20 % money as cash. My income is 1/6 th of my portfolio. So I wish to add 6- 8 % percent of current portfolio every month as SIP.

Please provide your valuable suggestions & help me to make good portfolio. Thank you.


NIIT TECH and Sirca Paints can prove to be major game changers in the long run. Watch out for these stocks


NIIT Tech valuation is too high, RJ like big guys invested, if they sold their shares, price will go down. Earnings and margin are not sustainable, better to sell when high.

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Considering the growth potential in the coming decade for the solutions that the company provides ranging from EV meters to IoT, the bet is real.

Nice selection of stock barring one or two. Regarding NIIT Tech. - 28% of sales come from Travel sector which is completely bombed out. The stock might be out of favour for a good time due to this one important factor. Also I don’t like few stocks

ABFRL: Don’t see it doing well given very high competition and consumers downtrading in the near future.
Tata Chem - Commodity grade stock with high operating leverage in the weakening macro is not a good proposition

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It was maybe due to this red flag, the stock value had halved. But otherwise, let us see the performance in the coming year.

Thank you. Added tata chemicals in view of diverse products & subsidiaries.

Niit - If travel industry down after may 15, i may consider to sell and re entr once the condition is clear… avg up after reaching 1350- 1400. waiting for report

abfrl - Even with lot of competition. people going to shops and buying when coming to premium dress selection

updated portfolio. Reorganised bank sector for long term. Modified few stocks. planned to add Titan and Pidilite. but I don’t want to keep more than 15 stocks.

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I don’t see Tata Chemicals in your latest PF.

Any particular reason?

Sold because i thought multi national production cessation including US. will be adding again after q1 result. wish to add both Titan and Pidilite along with TCL after Q1. May be those will be better priced


modified portfolio.
sold Bajaj finance & Jamna auto. because target achieved. 100 % gain in very short term. May add them back if i get good price.
Pfizer and Voltas - Appears to be over valued to me. so sold.
Converted portfolio to small caps. Willing to take risk. Hope my value picker idea work😅

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portfolio modification.

Sold pgel at 140. reason - value tripled in short time. may add once reach 120

added sbi at 186. 15% - short term investment
added tatachemicals 300 @ 4%
sold hinduniliver ~ not meeting my investment target

planning to add Pfizer again

Highly irritated/dis satisfied with Bajaj finance field work. Despite stock growth, i removed from my watchlist.

Missed stocks to invest in this covid crash- pidilite, asian paints, titan, infy, niit, herohonda, maruti, hdfcbank, kotak bank… may utilise if chance arise

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