SG Finserve Ltd - Does it has a scalable business?

gross disbursement q4fy2024= 4437 cr >>gross disbursement q3fy2024=4139 cr,
reduction in AUM reflects that the new loans issued were of shorter duration ,

q3fy 24


in q4fy24 result presentation 19 months journey average churn days of loan book have come down to 12 days from 40 days in q3fy24 result presentation 16 months journey


Ashish kacholia has reduced stake in the company, although his style of investing has been of if not completely momentum, then at least it is factored in in his investing, will have to check the results for the next quarter, then only i will take a call.

It is incorrect. Ashish kacholia got diluted but number of shares remain same as per June 2024 filings.

Disc: Invested.

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q1fy2025 presentation shows that the company has zero bank debt, can someone help me understand why a NBFC would repay their entire bank debt of 800cr and borrow unsecured loan funds of 600 cr from promoters

also the business has performed poor in all matrix QoQ basis