SG Finserve - is this birth of another Bajaj finance?

Was looking at recent uptrend in its price and came to know that the promoter of the company is APL Apollo. So basically its a group company of APL Apollo.

As per screener writeup "
Company will now be engaged in channel financing for dealers of AATL and further expand to offering same to retailers. Further, NBFC will also provide bill discounting facilities to creditors of AATL "

After going through their earnings presentation, now they are focusing on entire supply chain customers

The total market is of 60000 cr and current market of sg fin is 2100 cr.

I remember Bajaj finance took birth also in same way to finance Bajaj vehicle customer and looks like this one is not only financing APL Apollo customer but also targeting the broader market.

Have basic knowledge of investing so pardon my ignorance and looking forward for valuable contribution from expert.


50e5c2cc-c3e7-4d99-8885-4089f634d06a.pdf (6.7 MB)
Earnings and presentation attached.

was just wondering is APL Apollo & Apollo Pipes related somewhat…

and SG Finserv will be doing for both or only APL Apollo…