Sensex Likely To See 25000-30000 Level in coming18 Months


I love doing Technical Analysis too to make entry exit and catch Primary Market Trend beside stock selection on its Fundamental.

I beleive our market has bottomed out and Sensex not likely to break 16000/15000 Level also as per my time analysis Sensex Likely to see 25000-30000 Level in coming 18 Months ( Probability 75%)

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What are the positives to take Sensex to 25K-30K with in 18 months??? As of now no such triggers, But India’s long growth story is intact provided the Govt., takes necessary steps .

Making predictions is one foolish act, acting on it even worse !!


Does anyone agrees with me now???



Predicting the market is not only useless, it is dangerous. Still, on a fundamental basis, Indian Markets, on an average, has been quoted at 20 times last year earning. Thus after 20-25% upside in sensex (22500) will bring it to average level. If you try to predict it after 18 months, one more year of earning growth will come into- and average sensex value can be 26000.

By the way on many years sensex have quoted at 30-40 times earning- in such situation sensex may reach 40000. But on many years it has quoted around 12 times, which will bring sensex to 13000.If one has to predict, it is safe to predict the average- that is 26K.

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Dear Friends if you dont have predictability or future vision…how can u invest in stock market…

Any takers…of my views…


Sensex made a time being top of 20000 and now most likely 75% probability will correct and may see 18500/18000 level before starting fresh rally.

Happy New Year.

I have made money in lousy markets and lost money in great markets. Markets ought to be irrelevent for an individual investor.

Peter Lynch

With due respect Jerry, this crystal ball approach may not work in long run. Lets say your prediction holds true, does it mean that I should pay gold coinfor a rolling pebble? Is that rolling pebble gonna turn into a diamond just because Market is at 25K or 30k or 40k?As a minority investor, price we pay is the only thing that we can control.

sorry friends market girta nahi nazar aa raha…18000-18500 cancelled

mr bhagwat its true that good company gives good return …but i also have seen if market corrects heavily …majority shares falls…PEs contracts…and everyone looses in short to medium term and there confidence also breaks. if nothing like this happening then Technical analysis would not have gained such an acceptance by market players.

Girte Market Mein jo Kharidne ka Himmat karta ha , Share Market Mein Wahi Sikandar ha . It’s very hard to buy in a falling market .

Sensex likely to see 22000-22500 level in the rally started from 18200 level.

Dear Jerry,

Your predictions will hold value if you can state a 1 to 3 month time-frame as to when this level 22000 is likely to be expected

Otherwise most of us in this forum are aware that by 2023 (another 10 years)- the market will touch 25000 at least once.

Check the link aboutStumbling onPredictions

As Warren Buffett pointed out indices can remain range bound for decades … secular bull market(multiple times return from indices) happen with falling interest rate … Whenever we see interest rate falling from 12% to 4% over decade(whenever that happens) is it really surprising that sensex will become 60K or even 80K??? I don’t think that surprising … But sure in that secular bull market Donkeys will start running like Horses :slight_smile: and maybe at appropriate time we should have skill to spot those Donkeys also

As wise man has said “Predictions tell more about predictors than future” :slight_smile:

aboutStumbling onPredictions Link: Link:

The title will hold good even today :slight_smile:

HI jery

even I think 26000 level we will see soon I think much before your 18 months time frame expires . INDIA has huge huge potential and I am sure evry1 of us are aware of it , acc to me only 1 industry has been exploited yet completely which is pharma and still there is huge scope for this . and then IT but where 80 percent of the revenues are from abroad.

Most of the MNC’s are eyeing INDIA now more agressively because here is the scope for growth still many we require many airports highways roads rails power oil refeinery

We will soon come back to the race of growth and much more stronger

upcoming years will remind us 2001 - 2007


Coming 3-5 Years will be of share market, all other asset class will under perform. Like Real Estate, Bullions etc.

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The next 18 months from the date of this post would be end of April 2015. I personally feel Sensex could go up another 2000 points and reach 24 or 24.5 k. Given that election is about 6 months away there will not be any dramatic change in infrastructure, economic policies, etc. Even if some changes occur, the market may go up sentimentally but will revert back to its fundamental average.

I wont rule out 25k but 30k looks unrealistic. In 2008 many people talked about 24-25K which was just a mirage. The market is not overvalued so another 2000 point or 10% move is possible provided economic growth improves and earnings improve steadily over the next year.