Senior Members wish to be addressed on First-Name basis!

ValuePickr is a progressive collaborative research/investment community.Members don’t bring their Reputation to the table here. No need of adding Sir, Ji, Paaji or other appendages.

Most senior members have written from time to time that they are UNCOMFORTABLE with these formal salutations. They would like this community to retain its completely INFORMAL culture - where everyone is as good as the last piece of work/inputs/data/scuttlebutt shared with the community. Every piece of input/work is considered important in our Research-Value-Chain, not just high-brow analysis/research skills or valuation skills or timing skills.

This community prides itself in considering everyone a equal, right from day one.There are no hierarchies. There are no requirements of having spent some time in the community or having shown certain skills - before allowing any privileges or rights.We assume even a newbie can come up with a good stock idea with sincere work - we allow everyone to post/reply anywhere, without any restrictions.

In keeping with that same informal, progressive community culture - we would like to respect the wish of Senior Members - let’s make ValuePickr a FIRST-NAME ONLY community.

Request co-operation from all to address everyone on first-name/surname basis. No salutations are necessary. All Sir, -Ji, -Paaji appendages are actively discouraged.

Long overdue. Perfect :slight_smile: