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Semiconductor world - CPU/GPU Wars

Turns out, nvda shortage was because it was selling rtx 3000s mostly to crypto folks.

AMD is not doing great either they have their own supply issues. Not sure if they are also routing to miners. We do not know.
One site that gave us the actual data on stocking of amd gpus

Note that this shortage happens for every new gpu at launch (even for NVDA 2000 series). This time we have never seen before demand + supply chain issues.

So while Apple’s M1 has done a good job for showing the ARM desktop performance potential, Ampere Altra’s Q80 series shows what the performance can be like at the top-end for ARM within server and cloud deployments now actually providing serious competition against the current generation Intel Xeon and AMD EPYC servers. Looking ahead, Intel Ice Lake Xeon and AMD EPYC Milan are both expected next quarter. In fighting that Ampere already has their announced 128-core Ampere Altra Max (Mystique) processor that will retain socket compatibility with Ampere Altra and will be in production later in 2021. Given what we have seen with Ampere Altra, it will be very interesting to see how much of a performance leap they can achieve going forward with Mystique. At the same time the AArch64 Linux software support should be further maturing and more open-source projects supporting/optimizing for AArch64 given the successes of Apple M1, the ongoing Windows for ARM work, and ARM Linux servers continuing.

Ampere Altra is proving to be quite a promising ARM server platform, so stay tuned for more benchmark results in the weeks ahead on Phoronix looking at the performance against Amazon’s Graviton2 ARM processor as well as other server/cloud benchmark workloads. As always with our relentless Linux benchmarking will be looking closer at the Ampere Altra performance under varying Linux distributions, GCC vs. Clang, Linux kernel releases, etc.

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