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Hi greetings! Would like to share a bit about myself , goals and my portfolio journey.

I am an MNC Banker ( Finance & Tech background,early 40s), started from lower middle class and thanks to IT and ITES boom from 2000, found myself travelling all around the world, climbing the corporate ladder in a pretty aggressive manner and can say to myself "not too bad for somebody who started his first salary in 1993 for Rs 2000! per month).

I have divided my Financial Independence goals into 3 themes.

Theme 1: Self and Family Financial Independence ( Basics ) … This money is invested via a Financial Planner mostly in Balanced funds and hopefully the SIP accumulation and the corpus so far should take care of my needs ( assuming they grow at a 10-11% CAGR)

Theme 2: Family ( Beyond Basics needs) . This money is with a registered PMS and I top this amount infrequently ( market corrections, bonus etc.). Money is invested in a concentrated portfolio of 5–6 stocks. The expectations are this money will primarily fund my discretionary spending post my retirement ( international travel, vacations, expensive hobbies like watching F1 and Tennis etc.)

Theme 3 : Self Actualization and Societal Needs
This money is to give back to the society via my passion in studying the markets, apply my intelligence , analytics and create a 15 Crore Corpus to fund/ support education and medical needs in a specific target community

While Theme 1 and 2 investing are actively being managed by the Financial Planner, I spend lot of my free time planning my investments for Theme 3. I run a concentrated portfolio of just 5-6 stocks and SIP in a regular basis . The list are

  1. Yes Bank ( reasons well known and discussed) . 25% @ cost of 180 … continuing to SIP
  2. ITC (10%) . Strong FMCG runway ahead with significant value unlocking SIP
  3. Edelweiss ( 20%): Visionary founder with an amazing track record; Bouquet of Finance businesses with significant upside to growth. on SIP . Cost 150
  4. Syngene ( 20%) Contract High end manufacturing play from the house of BioCon . Cost 550
  5. Ashok Leyland (10%) Cheap Automobile stock with a secular growth story ahead , Cost 90
  6. RIL (15%); Better proxy for NIFTY and provides decent 15% growth … unlocking ahead Cost 900

Will be happy to hear your views and feel free to comment ! Thanks


I have 4 of the stocks you have in your portfolio (Yes, ITC, Reliance & Leyland), but have a little different weightages. Also, I tend to think core portfolio size shouldn’t be less than 12 and not more than 20.

You currently have 45% in financial sector and I generally do not assign too much weight in actively managed stock portfolio (because ETF/MF can do a better job of managing that sector…)

Suggestions for additions:

  1. Auto sector (15%): keep watching the sector for good pickings; 2-W, dominant component suppliers such as Sundram Fastners/Bharat Forge/Tire companies are on my radar. BTW, Ashok Leyland doesn’t qualify as an auto company, though its category is Auto from industry qualification.
  2. Infrastructure (12%): Need to choose carefully after a study. E.g: Siemens, L&T, Cement…
  3. Health (20%): Syngene though belongs to the sector, its scalability is driven from its parent. It may be better to own Biocon than Syngene; I also have Auropharma in my portfolio - If I am starting now, I might consider Alembic instead, but sometimes it is better to continue with what we have unless situation changes dramatically because we tend to have a sense for the behavior of those companies.
  4. Finance & Insurance (25%)
  5. Chemicals, Fertilizers, Agri, Food (20%)
  6. Rest in cash/MF/Debt/short term opportunities to utilize opportunities when they come up

Good luck.

disclaimer: I have interests in all the ones discussed here.

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Thanks Umesh for your time and comments . Can’t agree with u more on few points