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Seeking advice for Siva's portfolio

After going through the DSP healthcare portfolio, I find only 8% equity exposure to American Pharma Companies…please correct me if I am wrong…
Abbott Lab 3%
Intuitive surgical Inc 2.8%
Abiomed Inc 2.5%

I should have written upto 25%. I have seen it more than 10% once. Basically, they have a provision to invest upto 25% but at the moment, it might have found better opportunities in India or they might be conserving some cash to deploy on the right opportunity like Covid-19 vaccine.You can find more information in their scheme documents as well.

The cash is 6% here and also their investment style is Mid-cap growth which I feel will give superior return in a sector tailwind scenario compared to risk.

Not denying what you are saying. It is no.1 Healthcare fund in India returning 73% during last one year having beaten not only the pharma index but all its Peers also by a wide margin.
But one need to be careful while investing in any sectoral fund , though Pharma seems to be a safer play considering the tailwinds the sector has which is expected to continue post covid19 according to most analysts !
People just can not neglect their health !

True. This is the only thematic fund I have. I will be stopping SIP in it soon. I understand the risks in thematic funds.

@Southern_Cross why are you planning to stop? Arent the tailwinds still there?

I look at my portfolio level and take decisions. Pharma is constituting 24% of my portfolio at the moment for me and it is not a good idea to invest more into one sector alone.

Updated Stock Portfolio

  • Exited ITC@198 and added Transpek after quarterly results.
  • Exited JB Chemicals@1050
  • Reduced stake in Manappuram and accumulated existing holdings in pharma and chemical basket.
  • Added Vedanta, hoping 20%+ profit there.
  • Momentum: Booked profits in UPL and Coromandel. Added Excel and Astek Life.

I like the PF because of the weightage to pharma (specially API) and chemicals…I have also 40% allocation to these 2 sectors and riding on the momentum…have many stocks in these 2 sectors common with you…hope the juggernaut in these sectors continue for long and reward us handsomely.


Updated Stock Portfolio

Overall strategy remains same, trying to consolidate positions based on Q earnings


  • Alembic, Biocon, Jubliant
  • Transpek, DeepakNit
  • Astec
  • Radico
  • Polycab
  • Kovai


  • ITC

Booked Profits in

  • HindZinc, Excel

Booked loss in Vedanta

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Booked Profit

  • entirely in AartiInd@1150. It’s almost a ~3 bagger for me but sold as I felt that there are better opportunities at current price levels and wanted to book profits. I’ll enter again when I can valuation comfort.
  • entirely in ITC@190 as it was a short term bet.
  • partially in Biocon@440 due to valuations, but may raise my position again if it comes below 360


  • Transpek
  • Laurus
  • Jubliant Life


  • Birla Corp, SIS, MCDowells as short term bets (<3 months view) based on valuation and results

Booked Profit

  • partially in AlkylAmine @~4800 as I’m not comforatble with the valuation, P/S is ~10 now. But good businsess so will add when price comes down
  • entirely in SHK @~140 as I allocated more in my existing holdings where my conviction is higher
  • entirely in Trading bets with decent profits.


  • Astec @~1180 with marginal loss as I allocated more in my existing holdings where my conviction is higher
  • Astec with marginal loss as I allocated more in my existing holdings where my conviction is higher

Accumulating following on falls using money aquired from sale of stocks.

  • Laurus
  • Neuland
  • Sequant
  • Kovai
  • Polycab
  • DeepakNit
  • Transpek

No capital infusion in the last 3 months, just moving money around within portfolio.


Booked Profit

  • entirely in Alembic @~960, Natco @~ 935 and Aarti drugs @~660 to increase my allocation in bets where future earning visibility is better.

Booked Loss

  • partially in Transpek @~1500 after disappointing Q3 results. I will increase my holding again if it comes down to attractive price.


  • again into Astec @1050 post disappointing Q3 results as price seems attractive when considering future prospectus.

Accumulating following stocks slowly

  • Laurus
  • Neuland
  • Syngene
  • Jubliant
  • Deepak Nitrite
  • Dyn Products
  • Kovai Med
  • Polycab

No fresh capital infusion in the last 4 months, just moving money around within portfolio.