Securekloud Technologies Ltd (was 8k Miles Software Ltd), Cloud Computing

One interesting history as mentioned in Annual Report 2009-10, is that it changes its name from P.M.Strips Limited to 8K Miles Software Company and main objective from Steel Manufacturer to Software Development. Also to enter software business, it purchased M/s 8kmiles Webservices Private Limited

I am still little skeptical about 8K Miles, because other larger companies must be also seen the opportunity in the cloud computing business.

So other large IT companies like HCL,WIPRO,TCS and INFOSYS must be also in the cloud computing business, also persistent computers.

Then what is so unique about this company.

Please need some help to understand.


hi everyone, while reviewing clouds this is another company , appearing on the radar, the company is with new management and has grown from a market cap of 15 cr to 250 Cr. in last one year.

any one has any update on this,
stock is hitting the upper limit for many days , while it looks promising, I am scared of investing at these levels, any expert opinion would be great

has no holding in Cambridge technology, wants to review and buy after Q2 results

FirstCalls research report on this stock:

the stock has crossed more than 2000 that is around 5x in last one year, with more than 100PE, the stock is now very expensive
similarly the Cambridge is also hitting upper circuit for last 8/10 days

anyone aware of any stock in the cloud computing area, there seems to be a huge opportunity and market is going to expand.

any comments

Even I am following 8k miles, but i suspicious about Cambridge Techs numbers(Just do screener )
Kellton Tech Solutions may be on similar lines but not sure.

can nay one of the broaders help a layman in IT help us to understand what and how this cloud computing works, seems oportunity is huge ,

Annual report of 8K is a good read

i went through entire A R TWICE, but for a finance guy i unable to fatham it, but opportunity size is luring

I don’t have expertise on this area, I will share my current understanding on this subject (which i think needs to get better). A traditional way for a company would be to buy servers, softwares etc. needed to run the business. Moving to the cloud means you outsource these things and not only this, you also get a real time availability of data and applications throughout the world as the cloud is accessible just by connecting to the internet(of course with all the necessary authentications wherever needed). So it helps a company to focus more the core business rather than software hardware…it brings in efficiencies, lower relative cost(pay for what you need and hence no capex requirements, no routine maintenance, no downtime/redundancy take care, no incompatibility issues of software/hardware) , global availability of your data and applications(and hence real time collaborations within employees and access to customers)… I think this would become big as we go forward…the moot point is that it should create business value and it is creating value I believe…8K Miles seems to be a implementer for Amazon and Microsoft Clouds services for customers…on top of it is focussing on pharma and heathcare business which itself are in boom phase and they recently said they have started to focus in Banking Finance industry also…They say they can easily grow more than 100% for next couple of years!


great , thanks for explaining in such lucid way… cheers valuepickr is great forum

We need to understand how many players are in the cloud service area and what percentage are they growing
Current gelato in it 8k miles are in danger zone and one bad news can crash the stock by more than half

that is possible in every stock in current market scenario. i think v should look current macap to possibilty it could reach, no offense just different view point makes market

Manoj brings a good point, if i understood it correctly his simple question is does this company have any MOAT? Is its quality of offering/service better than others? Why would customers prefer it in comparison to others? what will keep the company afloat? I don’t know and that’s what I trying to find too before investing. Any people in related area or any experience with 8K directly can help.

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I dont see any strong competitive advangage in 8k miles. they are anyway using Microsoft azure or amazon ec2. it looks just be some sort of a customization of the underlying cloud solution. so what is the entry barrier here?. if i am not wrong, ec2 margin itself is very thin. how will the re sellers make big money?
btw i see some talk about IOT in some other threads. yes the opportunity is huge. but currently there is more hype than any real products. and i doubt thers any listed player in india… even in the US, the biggies like cisco etc havent done anything great in this iot space.


So from my understanding after consulting my brother( who works in a similar field) and my friend (who works in Amazon Web Services[AWS] ) , like Vishal said, 8k customizes its services specifically to the companies existing needs and helps move them to cloud database management + also provides post movement service. So that a company doesn’t need to focus anymore into IT infra and maintenance.
Amazon Web services was the pioneer of this, and then MS and Google joined. So basically the Biggies (Amazon ,MS et al.) provide set up the infra structure, companies like 8k help the movement and services.
Since its is an AWS/MS/Google partner; any company(say company x ) which approaches AWS directly for cloud services, amazon may recommend 8k to the company x for the movement and services.
Right now 8ks direct completion is BlazeClan but they are only Amazon partner not other AFAIK. I am still not sure why haven’t companies like Infy moved into this space.

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My 2 cents:

Almost all the companies like Infy, HCL, TCS and Cognizant are doing this. It is a simple and easy business and growing by multiples in HCL (where I work) and Cognizant (where my brother works) at least. My brother is in sales focusing on AWS/MS AZ, thus his feedback (that business is growing at fast pace) can be relied upon.


We need to check which are the other companies have strategic partnership with amazon, microsoft azure ,CA like 8 Miles ? How can they affect 8K’s Business ? As I know the biggies software provider company like TCS ,Infy , wipro ,HCL ,IBM already doing lot of investments in ISMAC so how 8K miles will compete with them in cloud computing area? What are the IP/Patents they hold now and how they are generating revenues for 8k Miles as of now and what is the future earning visibility for those ? IMHO, Those IP/Patent and strategic partnership should be considered as Economic Moat for this company. Their foray into Big Data Analytic ,Mobility and SaaS also interesting because that are the only area where future IT will grow enormously .But again there are too many players on that area and it is not all tough to open a company and start operating on those areas.

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Another Company CAMBRIDGE TECHNOLOGY ENTERPRISES is doing very well in the field of Big Data and Cloud.Aashish Kalra is the Chairman of Cambridge Technology Enterprises. He is a pioneering equity investor in Technology, Infrastructure, Real Estate, Energy, Logistics and Hospitality. Initially, at CTE LLC, Aashish Kalra was also one of the co-founders of Cambridge/Samsung Partners, one of the earliest independent venture capital firm in Boston in 1996 in partnership with Samsung of Korea with a vision to provide funding and assistance for seed and early stage IT companies. Being a co-founder of Cambridge Samsung Resources, a leading Systems Integrator, he also concluded successful partnerships and joint ventures with Hewlett-Packard, Marubeni, NEC and other global 1000 companies. CTE LLC has been associated as founders and investors of several successful technology companies.

As the Chairman, he foresees the global operations of CTE, providing strategic vision and leadership to the company. He is responsible for the overall company growth and expansion. He has been consistently quoted in leading Indian and International media and was featured in the “Young Turks” program on CNBC. He is an international speaker and has participated in several industry events in America, Europe, India, China and the Middle East. In 2008, he was named one of the “Outstanding 50 Asian Americans in Business”.

Aashish attended The Doon School at Dehradun in India. He also holds a Master’s degree in International Finance from Brandeis University, Waltham, USA, and graduated from St. Stephens College, Delhi with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics (Honors). He did his thesis on the Japanese Financial System at Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan.
Latest article on Forbes/Asia, Big Data’s Cambridge Technology Enterprises Creates A New Kind Of India Accelerator
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