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In Manappuram’s promoter shareholding section names are repeating often with minor changes like Mr, Mrs etc. because of which a lot of unnecessary rows exist. @pratyushmittal request you to address this for easy readability sir! :slight_smile:

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Yeah, we are working on an algorithm to merge such cases.

Thanks for reporting it :+1:


Hi, yes the stocks which are added on that screen only appear as alerts in the mail.
Stocks already on that screen wont be bothering you in alerts.

I was checking the prices of some stocks on screener (at 11:20PM, 24 Jun) and found some discrepancy.

  1. Aurobindo pharma’s today’s price is Rs.791.95 on NSE on a closing basis.
    However, on screener it is mentioned as Rs.804.30 at the beginning of the page as well as on the chart on a 1 month scale. On hovering the cursor it clearly states 23 Jun (yesterday) and Rs.804.3. Why isn’t the price of Aurobindo Pharma updated even towards the end of day at 11.20PM?

  2. Sharda Cropchem today’s price is Rs.216.8 on NSE on closing basis.
    On the chart Screener mentions it correctly as Rs.216.8 as on Jun 24th on a 1 month scale. However at the top of the page it is mentioned as Rs.207.75 (which is the price as on Jun 23). Why is there a discrepancy between the two prices?

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Can somebody advise how to get Prior year PE in screener. Historical PE for 3/5/10 years is available.

Go to chart, convert price to pe and move cursor around to find pe at any specific time.

Will it be possible to add F&O availability as a option in the query list. thanks

sorry I was asking to appear on the screen not by tracking individual stock. There are historical PE 3/5/10 years for various screens but not prior year PE

Create a new ratio
Prior year PE = Current price /(EPS preceding year * (1 + Return over 1year/100))

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@Parthgarg guys there is a problem with the tools section of the screener when opened in iphone browser. Could you please make the latest annual report accessible in the iphone.

Thanks in advance

With rgds


We have figures for
Capital work in Progress
Capital work in progress preceding year

First is CWIP for the year 2019-2020 and second is for 2017-2018.
CWIP Last year is missing

Is there a way to calculate CWIP for last year? I think it should be added separately by screener

Saw that for quite some time, There is no data for this company for March 2020 balance sheet. Bajaj Consumer Care. Please have a look.

Just wanted to request a new feature.

It would be great to have a historical P/BV chart, just like the P/E chart.


Hi, please send us the screenshot of the same so that our team can check the same.

Here the cement division and advanced material division segment revenue in dec 2019 is interchanged. Please check it and change it ASAP! @Parthgarg

Company name is not visible in this screenshot can you please share the name of the company please.

The company name isRain industries

This is the screenshot of the tools section as shown in iphone 6. The annual report section could not be accessed

On this page could you show results of only the companies under watchlist. Also option to toggle between standalone and consolidated.

What are the advantages of switching to premium Thanks