I have been using stock screener for quite a time now. First I should thank the dalal-street team for creating such a wonderful open resource website. My request is to why can’t u guys add the backtesting feature because what’s the use of having so many strategies and don’t know whether they will work out or not?..Or at least having a year drop down in the stock screening page in that way we can select what stocks the screener pops out each particular year and we can actually calculate the returns and this way we can see whether our strategic constraints works out or not?

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I agree with saitks. I would like to see it getting added. Also I want to give a suggestion for backtesting as the screener people create or own screener, is it possible for the team to add a feature like; When filtering out with custom screener, the results that pop out should be compared with its preceding year’s calculations, I know this is really time consuming coding work but hope the team worksaround to make it work in the future at least.

For example : I screen few stocks with my own strategy and the screener pops out few stocks.
It should compare and tell what would have happened to the stocks which popped out if I had run the same screener a year, two or 3 years ago and compare the results with the present.



Thanks for the suggestions. These are wishlist items but very complex and would require heavy resources…will keep it in mind for future.




I have some free time – if the source code is in python I can pitch in and help you guys out.


@ayushmit - Many thanks to you and your team for the screener tool.

Just wanted to update you that there is some problem generating required numbers / data for Paushak Ltd. Please take a look.

Best Regards.

Hi Ayush,
Screener is a great tool been using for sometime.
From last couple it is not working for me on my iPad. Tried resetting the password. Somehow without even logging it does not pull the data for the company name entered in search.
Please need your help on this

Hi ayush,

Thanks for a great tool…I prefer screener over capital market line…but
screener has a problem…3 years CAGR ROE and ROCEs have some errors in all
the companies…also can you share the formula for PEG ratio…I mean what do
you consider in growth? EPs growth or sustainable growth or something
else…also if u can add feature of historical PEs…this will help us to
know the highest PEs deserved by the respective stocks…also backtesting
suggested by the other members is correct…

We are really thankful to you and your team for providing this great
tool…thanks a lot…

Guys, I had a query regarding the excel file that screener lets you download. Since I couldn’t find any help forums in the itself, I am being forced to ask my query here. Now my confusion lies in the data sheet. In that sheet, we find that there are columns highlighting

In this case, what is the price and what is the adjusted equity shares in crore. The figures are as per separate years. I have checked and the price and it is not the closing price for the stock for a particular year. Is this an average figure? How are they calculating it. And what is the formula for adjusted equity shares in crore? Is it a figure derived from the price and the number of shares outstanding?

Please suggest. is showing incorrect P/E in some cases. e.g. For Motilal Oswal at CMP of 1277.65, EPS is 26.43 so P/E should be 48.34 but it is showing P/E of 55.64. I don’t know if this is one off or also the case with few other stock.
Can we please share this with IT team so that this can be fixed permanently?

I am sure this has been on backburner due to certain hindrances

However in screener premium do we get a chance to backtest ? (I don’t see it yet ) . This would be real useful feature where i am willing to pay for.

Whole of last week i spent 20 hours trying to backtest Greenbalt’s Magic Formula and Acquirers Multiple and ended up with pretty depressing results. Infact all passive indices have outperformed these formulas to my suprise. I have written a script to get the data from yahoo finance but ended up doing lot of manual work in cleaning the data and adjusting ,segregating data which consumed hell lot of time to the extent that i almost tossed up the work. I explored options like Trendyline but they do not suffice.

Anyone know any other options to backtest fundamental parameters for Indian stocks. Not shy of paying if the price is reasoanble

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If you can write a script than bse website has quarterly and annual figures
You only need data to backtest
GuruFocus has data that is 10-15 years data
Have a look there
They have Greenblatt ratio and a lot of other ratios over the range of years
From my experience if there is a ratio everyone will copy it and bid the price up so you are unlikely to find a bargain

Thanks i somehow never knew bse has such an exhaustive results page. However i dont see much historical data, i see only around last 2 years atmost and in some cases trailing 12 months. Am i missing anything?

Secondly i agree that standard ratios would result in pricing being reflected.However i am somehow don’t think buying just deep value stocks and poor performing companies like graham’s approach (emerging markets or developing countries where controls are not strong) doesn’t work as mentioned in many value investing books unless a bull cycle comes up and pulls all stocks up.So just wanted a reaffirmation on my thesis and test against historical data. Hence wanted to test canslims vs greenbalt vs grahams approach on Indian markets. I justddon’t want to start from scratch if someone already had a look at the performance of these methodlogies