Scope for improvement

The idea is good and let’s the user put in filters of his own choice, however I find the things a bit cramped up on the website.

The presentation can be a lot better, also the interface should be more user friendly allowing the user to put conditions of his own choice. It should not appear as if he is into programming by tying all those queries with the operators.


Dear Ekansh,

Thanks for your valuable suggestions. Indeed we need to do a lot on making things simpler and easier to use for everyone. Most of all,what one needs to doshould be intuitively understood …if we can reach there, that will be cause for celebrations!

That DPS_LFY is Dividends per share of last financial year…takes some getting used to; also not all the abbreviations are that easy to connect:). Shortly we are addressing this issue by providing variable explanation on “mouseover”.

Just wanted to check, perhaps you have not looked at the How to create your own screens Link: …/…/…/…/resources/getting-started/screener-creating-screens section. Or if you have, then perhaps that article couldn’t make it clear that while creating your own screen

1). You do not need to rememberand typeclumsy Variables

2). You can select the Variable you want from a searchable variable tree

Please let us know if this was of help to you.

Great Idea and Great work… I can’t imagine to have such vast information placed at one place. Good days are coming …

Here are some suggestion.

a). When we run the screener and click on the company name we get lots of financial information which is really good but usually to choose to buy stock usually investor need two part 1) Fundamental and 2) Technical part.

-I can see that there is lots of fundamental information, but not much technical information.

-Even just simple price chart of the stock would be helpful or may be the thehyper linkto yahoo finance chart would also serve the problem.

2), In same regard, may refere


Thanks Nilang. Wonderful to see you find enough value in what we have come up with. As you said, miles to go…thanks for the wonderful suggestions

a) Yes. marrying the Technical Analysis info to the Fundamental analysis is an objective. But its a little far in our planning horizon (no current expertise in team:). If you, or anyone else reading this, has ideas on how that can be done effectively, we definitely should start exchanging notes about it

b) Yahoo Finance TA chart may be a beginning, you are right. We will check on that…

Our aspirations are always to provide something very effective and actionable information. So We want to go to scope a). Lets exchange more notes.


thehyper linkto Link: .