Sathish's Portfolio - Views Please

Hi All,

I have been a regular investor in equity and mutual funds for many years and given my background in Banking Industry for 2 decades, I have always been overweight on financials. Also due to work pressure I dont always find enough time to sufficiently participate in companies outside of my circle of competence for example Pharma, metals etc.,

Please see my portfolio and would really appreciate feedback from the valuable members.


Further to my portfolio, i am now seriously considering to rejig couple of stocks in order to make it lot more concentrated and would like your thoughts as well.

Sell SBILIFE and move the proceeds to DMART
Sell L&T and move the proceeds to POLYCAB

Do you think its a right thing to do? I know both are quality stocks but i feel DMART & Polycab will be better in terms of their potential growth when compared to SBI LIFE and L&T.

Any thoughts/suggestions will be really appreciated.

Hi, one thought and one question.

There’s a lot going on for L&T under the guise of being an infra company, given how much growth has been been seen by the multiple IT companies it holds. There’s an argument to be made on Larsen being a candidate for rerating, especially since it’s trading at a discount to historic valuations. What are your thoughts on polycab in this light?

Given that you have two decades of experience with the banking industry, what are your thoughts on some of the up and coming banks such as IDFC First. Is there anything that stops you from investing in newer banks? It’s intuitive why HDFC and Kotak are your picks among the well established names.

@Chins Thanks very much for your response.

As you rightly called out L&T should get re-rated given the number of other profitable subsidiaries, however I fell they constantly get dragged down by their core portfolio of infrastructure given how long each project takes to execute.

To be honest, I have been part of operations across multi national banks, so not fully close to how the Indian banks operate and that is the reason why you see me picking up only the best run banks like HDFC and Kotak. With that in context, I feel its very difficult for these new players to make huge dent to the market leaders as there is very little to entice customers given limited margins.