Sandu pharma hidden growing gem

sandu pharma a 120 years old ayurvedic manufacturing company . it has factory at goa and adm office at chembur ,mumbai. They are serving excellent pediatric and women’s care products. Thus, this brand assures to deliver the top quality herbal range in the market for curing serious diseases.A tad bit different from the other brands, Sandu specializes in the preparation of special organic liquids called ‘Kadhas’ and ‘Asavas’, popularly mentioned in many ancient Indian texts. These liquids are known to cure a wide range of chronic diseases, hence justifying its status.
Its almost debt free and with sales growing at 7%cagr

  1. sept 20 qtr shows growth of almost 60% is the trigger .
  2. promoter increasing stake after 20yrs
  3. capex of 12cr to increase production facility.
  4. sales 49cr mkt cap 25 cr
  5. its goa facility and mumbai off alone may be worth more than 50 cr
    6.only pure ayuvedic manufacturing listed company
    7.can give technical 10yrs breakout above 42


  1. royalty paid to promoter grp
  2. promoter increasing salary
    3.not paying dividend

disc: invested