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Was feeling so bad to post my portfolio in the forum but got some courage after another member shared a similar story. Started investing in the 2006 and realized a small profit initially but as soon as I started putting more money, market crashed.. Was left with more than half stocks in my portfolio with more than 90% loss so didn't even bother to book loss. Now I after going through the forum and acquiring a little discipline myself, have been trying to consolidate my portfolio. Still have a few stocks looking at which my heart skips a beat. It would be certainly a great help if you guys can suggest what should I get rid of.

Stocks allocation % is not what it used to be (just never had the heart to sell something I bought with my hard earned money so left with more than a few very bad bets. Recently started selling a few of the beaten down stock in the rally, and waiting for the right time to sell the rest with less than 1%)

Stock Value
Ashiana Housing 21.38952
SBI 9.375408
Reliance 8.15309
Tata Motors (D) 7.699809
TCS 5.946695
Power Grid Corp 5.560927
Tata Motors 5.554676
Alembic Pharma 4.232756
Coal India 4.002851
LIC Housing Fin 3.742801
ICICI Bank 3.500115
Shilpa 3.458996
Tata Steel 2.326835
ACC 1.907588
NIFTYBEES 1.888834
BHEL 1.765894
NTPC 1.674627
ONGC 1.43333
VST 1.42819

less than 1%
Guj Mineral

Exide Ind 0.869611
Mastek 0.849329
MOIL 0.594003
MCX India 0.592058
Suzlon Energy 0.311587
Rel Capital 0.245186
GTL 0.190592
Geodesic 0.18573
Educomp Sol 0.13197
GTL Infra 0.068763

I know it looks like a bad mutual fund :) Need help in cleaning it up and suggestions on where to put it.
Thanks for the help

Hi Sandeep

Same suggestion as Chandrasekar portfolio… You can blindly move out of PSUs when they rally.

Please go through individual stock threads in the forum… Slowly you will build your base, knowledge and conviction.

You can get into stocks ( new ) by keeping in mind current valuations and possible future returns…



The state has no business being in business…so agree with view, to exit all state owned stocks, with the only exception being SBI, which in my view is a contrarian bet today.

TCS and Tata Motors have been excellent compounders. I have stayed away from Reliance due to lack of conviction on management being completely above board and to act in interest of all shareholders. No views about ashiana, but since it is a big bet, you’ve presumably built your conviction over time.

“Bad mutual fund” ? I like your wry humor, man :slight_smile:

Got rid of a few PSUs and a few other stocks and have accumulated some fund. Any of the recommended stock worth entering now? Do they have any steam left?

Have my eyes on Banco, avanti feeds and JB Chemicals or I can increase my stake in Shilpa.

Any suggestions please.

Updating for own learning and record keeping

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This PF looks like a fairly decent portfolio. Barring the highest weightage to ashiana although riding winners would lead to skewed portfolio weightage and that should not be an issue in short to medium term.

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Thanks for the kind words. I seem to have some bias for Ashiana, it being my first large and successful investment and it is likely resulting in lost opportunity cost. Thanks for bringing it into notice , I’ll do some homework to see if it is still worth the weightage.

Using the bull market to consolidate the portfolio a little more.