Sandeep Tyagi Portfolio

Here is my latest portfolio for feedback from fellow boarders.

Share Name Portfolio Type Buy Date Buy Price Current Price Current weightage
Laurus Labs Core Jun-20 94.4 654 16.34
Abott India Core Sep-19 10500 19750 6.8
Relaxo Core Dec-20 730 1148 4.4
Bajaj Finserv Core Nov-20 8500 14125 4.4
Bajaj Finance Core Dec-15 413 6200 11 (Sold more than
80% in 2020)
Ajanta Pharma Core Apr-20 1466 2253 7.5
Jubliant Ingerv Core 21-Apr 320 615 4.4
Heritage food Momentum 375 496 5.5
Avanti Feeds Momentum 641 645 3.5
Deepak nitrite Momentum 2032 2061 4.2
Ashok Leyland Momentum 133 134 4.3
Aarti Ind Momentum 936 948 7
IBhousing Momentum 285 287 4.4
Deccan Cements Momentum 451 771 7.2
Cash 9

I prefer to hold 5-8 stocks in core portfolio and 5-8 stocks in momentum portfolio. I usually invest 3-5% of my portfolio when stock breaks 52 week high after a good consolidation. Sometime i will add more money if stock has appreciated well and provide me good safety net . In last 10 years, my portfolio compounded returns (annually) have been around 21%. My momentum play are usually from NSE500 stocks.

If business has good prospect in terms of opportunity size, good management , and one or more product has competitive advantage, I will move it to core portfolio.

Here are some of my latest exits - Apollo Tricoat, Intellect design, jsw steel, tata steel, tata chemicals, graphite india as they met one of my following sell criteria:

Momentum Portfolio Sell Criteria:

  1. stock drops more than 5% in a day on good volume
  2. Anytime stock goes 5% below my buy price or breaks imp support level.
  3. Stock trades below 20 DAY SMA

Core portfolio:

  1. Sell 50% if 50 day SMA is below 200 Day SMA for 5 straight trading sessions. if business is cyclical, sell 100%.

I usually make 4-5 trade a month.


Great strategy!
Can you please explain with an example regarding your Core portfolio strategy “Sell 50% if 50 day SMA is below 200 Day SMA for 5 straight trading sessions.”

I am new bee in the market. So, It will be great help.
Thanks in advance!

Hi, I apologize for delayed reply… didn’t notice that I have some question on my own thread. The recent example I can give is Laurus labs… currently the stock is trading below 50 day SMA ( at 649) and have stayed below this level for 5 trading sessions so I sold 50% at 629. Other 50% I will sell if it goes below 200 day SMA . Since I like this stock so anytime it goes above 680 I will buy my quantity back.

Thanks a lot for your clear explanation.