Sajin's Portfolio : Please provide suggestion

My current portfolio as follows actually i want to reduce it to 8 stocks list for long term.

1 Wonderla 17.42%
2 Kovai Medical 14.16%
3 AVT Natural 13.37%
4 Suven Life Sci 10.63%
5 Mayur Uniquoter 10.47%
6 Mold-Tek Pack 7.17%
7 Indiabulls Real 6.79%
8 PTC India Fin 6.02%
9 TV18 Broadcast 5.45%
10 Shemaroo Ent 5.24%
11 Kajaria Ceramic 3.29%

get some solid names like hdfc bank/kotak bank cadila healthcare, Gruh finance, Pi industries. Better to get rid of indiabulls real, PTC india financial.

Thank you s das for your suggestion.
Planning to sell indiabull.

It would help if u can put up a few lines on the investment theme in each of your idea.

We at VP have well opinionated threads on most of the stocks in your PF.

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India bulls can be removed for sure.



@catchsudipto, @balajisridharan: I am not getting why we need to totally avoid Indiabulls Housing Finance ? Yes, management was not good a while ago, but since there a lot has changed and now the group itself has split. Should we still stick to the old news and totally avoid indiabulls ? Of all the HCF, IndiaBulls looks like the fastest growing. PE is low, ROCE/ROE is high compared to others, Dividend is very good, etc., Please share your views.

I am selling india bull real estatate beacause its better to invest real estate directly instead of investing in real estate stocks.

What is the rational for having 17% allocation to wonderla?

I am from kerala and know more about wonderla business they are genune in therir business.
Good management.
Arun chittilapilly son of kochousep chittilapilly(V-guard groups) managing wonderla they have good track records.
Two more parks are in pipe line one in hydrabad and other in chennai.
Hydrabad park will operational form April 2016 this will give additional 60cr revenue.
Wonderla is the second largest park after adlabs.
Comparing with adlabs wonderla is more attractive in business and balance sheet.
Ticket price in wonderla also cheap compare with other theme parks.
So there are no great competeers with wonderla.
Now other income is less than compare with international standered.
They are palnning to increase other income 60:40 manner.

Dear Sajimailme, Your reason for keeping wonderla is valid but the allocation?. I also bought it for the same reason but realized that for the expected returns to kick in is going to take at least 1 to 2 years. Hence the opportunity cost is going to be there. Better approach will be to keep the allocation lower and build up as the conviction increases with execution on ground. I also have great faith in Chittilappally’s honesty. Children will have to prove themselves. Saji

Thanks Saji,

You are absalutly right.
I am going to hold wonderla and try to increse other stocks.
Plan to buy kaveri seeds after selling indiabull.

Sajin C J

You are right in considering Kaveri. I had Kaveri earlier. Because of some concerns about promoter selling I sold it, mainly due to my inexperience in holding on to it even though they story is yet to play out fully. I reentered during this correction. I am going to hold it, in spite of short term issues. Please check what @Donald wrote in Kaveri thread.You will get good stories only when there are apparent concerns, noticed by many but gives us good entry points. Where are you based in Kerala?

Never compromise on the quality of the promoter.