Saikat Portfolio Suggestions

I am new to this forum. I have been investing in stocks since 2016. But exited in 2017 with loss. I was noob back then and invested on many small cap stocks, made 20% loss, sold everything, accepted the loss. Then in 2018 again started reading and invested in large blue chip stocks. in the meantime, built my portolfio around mutual funds. Mostly in Index nifty 50 funds, few ELSS for tax saving & flexi cap. arounf 2% in small cap which luckily had great run during 2020 bull market.
I want to invest for long term. Like 10 years or more, fore wealth creation. also note, this portfolio is around 12% of my networth, majority of my investments are in equity mf, ppf, epf, fd, RSU etc.

my shortlists are:
Bajaj Finance
HDFC bank
Divis Lab
Deepak nitrite
Alkyl Amines
Asian paints

I focus on concentrated portfolio, so that I get time to analyse their business fundamentally, review it. I cannot go for more than 15 in my PF, rather I would not invest at all. All these business are chosen on their strong fundamental business, tech savviness, clean books, monopoly nature & high ROE, ROCE.
My question: Looking at the valuation, I see very high PE of page indus, asian paints, HUL, pidilite.
considering long term, is this a good time to accumulate ??
or I will wait for correction? which I dont know when will i happen. I feel staying invested is more important rather than holding cash.

Dear Saikat,
I do understand from your first intro that you have gone through very rough times in the stocks,

however you have done the good planning on the major investments, since you have allocated 78% of your investments in full secured, you can think of well analyzed, nifty 200 stocks, which will give extra mile,

There are lot of special situations stocks with good fundamentals , which give good returns.

Sona comstar,
Tata Power,
Saragema ,
Sequent scientific,
Piramal Pharma ,

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you got good companies in the PF. My only submission is to be aware of the valuations. I have learned the hard way that the purchase price determines your returns. Hope this helps.


Yes, its very important. That is why I am on the sidelines on specific company like pidilite, Nestle etc. I am not sure if its right time to buy the stocks.

Consider reading this (The Scary Side Of ‘Super Quality Stocks’ Is Now In The Spotlight)

Here is my current portfolio as of march 2023.

Bajaj finance 18%
asian paints 15%
tcs 11%
hul 10%
pidilte 9%
divis 9%
varun beverages 7%
deepak nitrite 6%
hdfc bank 4%
alkyl maine 5%
titan 4%
nestle 2%
recl 0%
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Hi Saikat,

Welcome to the forum. You may want to look at diversifying to a few mid/small cap companies. Over the last five years, these have significantly outperformed large cap.

However stock selection is key here.

Portfolio update.
Added below stocks.
IDFC first bank.
KEI Industries.
Saregama Music.

Alkyl Amines.
HDFC Bank.
basically Replaced HDFC bank with IDFC first.

Hi Saikat, if possible you can dvelve on choosing IDFC firstbank over hdfc bank, as i normally hear, aggressive banker is always risky than a moderate banker.

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