Rohit's Portfolio : Requesting Feedback

Quick Background - I am a newbie to direct stock investing, and I used to invest through mutual funds earlier. Fortunately I got done with a lot of obligations - student loan, marriage ka kharcha, house loan just before the COVID crash. This pushed up my savings rate to 75% from the earlier 20% at which point I decided to start investing directly.

A lot of my picks have come through research on Valupickr, a close knit stock group and my own job - I work as a consultant at an MBB firm where I get to work directly with CXO in some of the stocks/sectors I invested in.

I invest my cash flow in the following manner:
a. 60% Direct Equities
b. 10% Crypto
c. 15% Mutual Funds
d. 15% Debt/Cash on Hand

I think of my portfolio in terms of baskets - I tend to buy 2-3 players in same space. Would be great to have everyone’s opinion as we enter into a choppy territory ahead. Feedbacks on stocks and cash flow allocation will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

EDIT - I also have 5% tracking positions in IBullReal, Valiant, Stylam, LTTS. Additionally I have booked around 30% of capital as gains till now

Here are my picks and rationale:


Great picks! Prince pipes should start its upward journey again…I am also tracking it to initiate position

Hi Rohit,
Your stock selections are good. But, can you explain why there is no financial, infrastructure & Auto stocks.

It is the best time to enter when they are low and hated.

Thanks ! Yes, Piping sector should do well from here.

Thank you ! As i mentioned I have 15% exposure in Mutual funds - it’s largely Bluechip (Large Cap IT/Financials), so didn’t see the point in buying again directly. But I added Equitas at 3% of PF

On the Infra front - I added IBull Real as 4% of portfolio. I keep trading in KNR/PNC/NCC - I don’t want to hold them as LT stocks as receivables will always be under pressure.

I have limited understanding of Auto so have avoided till now - always seems to be some headwind !

Hi Rohit…can you please tell the name of your MF schemes…